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June Beauty Favorites

June was undoubtedly one of the busiest months I’ve had in my entire life. I moved out of my house, temporarily lived with my parents and then into my new house 2 weeks later. I spent weeks packing up an entire house and years of stuff, physically moved it ALL (just my husband and myself) moved it to storage only to move it again and fully unpack it all within a 3 week timeframe during a global pandemic. It was exhausting but man am I glad to finally be settled in at home!

Since most of my makeup and skincare was packed away not easily accessible, I only used a handful of products of tried & true products I loved during the month of May as well.

Kosas • Revealer Concealer ::: First things first, concealer. I haven’t worn heavy/full coverage or anything even close foundation in probably 2 months. A swipe of this under my eyes and to spot conceal helps cover any discoloration, blemishes and instantly helps me look more awake. One of the things I love most about Kosas is that their makeup contains such good skin-loving ingredients. This is packed with key ingredients like caffeine to brighten your under eyes, arnica to calm & soothe, peptides to plump and hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

Tula • Face Filter Blurring Moisturizing Primer ::: This has been one of the best products I’ve tried in all of 2020. It contains chia seeds, probiotics & licorice to smooth, even and nourish skin. While I rarely ever wear a makeup primer (I usually just use a good moisturizer) this product is game-changing. My favorite way to use it is to evenly distribute 2 pumps all over my face and smooth it in and apply the Kosas concealer mentioned above in areas that need extra coverage (spot conceal & under eyes). My skin always looks smooth, even and healthy without looking like a ton of makeup is caked on. It really is like a real life “filter” and while it doesn’t mimic actual foundation it gives the most beautiful finish for smooth, pore-less looking skin. I’m obsessed & need a lifetime supply of this.

Urban Decay • All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder ::: I’ve went through 2 of these compacts over the last 2 summers and will probably reach solely for this all season long. It’s definitely one of the best setting powders when it comes to mattifying makeup, while locking everything in place in addition to being waterproof! It’s super lightweight yet manages to keep makeup intact despite the hot, humid summer temperatures.

Kosas • The Sun Show Bronzer ::: This Bronzer is literally fool-proof and I can confidently say that as someone who used to look orange due to over applying bronzer. 😆 I have it in the shade light and find it impossible to over do it when applying this. It’s a talc & silicone-free powder that contains Shea butter to soothe and soften and meadow foam oil to moisturize and plump. It contains a slight shimmer that leaves your skin glowing & naturally bronzed. It’s a very soft, light formula and builds up so well without emphasizing any texture.

Aether Beauty • Rose Quartz Crystal Charged Cheek Palette ::: I’d be totally content if this was the only blush/highlighter palette I owned. It’s that good. Aether Beauty is my all-time favorite makeup brand ever created. I love everything they create and everything they stand for. This palette is so so beautiful and I am obsessed with the blush shade Compassion, it’s the perfect peachy pink and adds a beautiful flush of color to the cheeks. Aside from being fully recyclable, this is created using only organic, fair trade ingredients and includes rose quartz for added illumination and organic rose hip oil for extra glow.

Aether Beauty • Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette ::: The OG and still my go-to on any day and every day. This is one of my favorite palettes of all time and the only one I used throughout June (the rest were packed away). This palette is formulated with fair trade & organic coconut oil, shea butter, rosehip oil and rose quartz powder giving it a super smooth, buttery texture with unique light-reflective properties. The color story is neutral, leans cool-toned and overall beautifully done. I think I’ll give this one a break for July and obsess over their Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette (my second fave!)

Lumion Skin • Miracle Mist & Save My Skin Serum ::: I have found some really, really good skincare over the last few months and these are no exception. I normally only apply serum at night before bed, but this is one I actually prefer to use in the morning as well. The unique combination of HOCL + oxygen work to balance and clarify, improve skins elasticity, smooth fine lines, stimulate collagen and diminish pores. As mentioned above I rarely ever use a makeup primer because I think using high quality, good skincare takes care of that step while prepping your skin before applying makeup. Two pumps of this liberally applied all over my clean face leaves it feeling so refreshed and smooth and makes my makeup look 10x better than applying it without. I also love their skin mist for a mid-day skin refresh, some days I find myself using this 5x a day, it’s very hydrating and very calming. This also contains HOCL (naturally occurs in white blood cells to help your body fight harmful bacteria, viruses and inflammation), and oxygen to help stimulate the body’s natural healing function. It’s great to use on sunburned skin, post-workout, to set makeup and is impossible to over use it!

Hydropeptide • Nimni Cream ::: This stuff is crazy expensive but it truly works. It’s one of the only creams I’ve used over the years that I apply at night and see & feel a difference in my skin the next morning. It contains amino acids to boost cell renewal and promote a healthy pH balance, antioxidants to slow the aging process, peptides to reverse skin damage and slow the aging process and time-release retinol to enhance cell regeneration and collagen production to shrink pores and fill in fine lines. This cream is magic. I try to use it sparingly so I have it for longer but love the results and how great it makes my skin feel. I am a big, big fan!

Kanavita • Face and Body CBD Lotion & Concentrated Formula CBD Cream ::: Luxe, clean CBD at its best. CBD has become really popular in the skincare industry over the last few years with good reason. It functions as an anti-inflammatory, it helps calm & soothe and can be said to help reduce excess sebum (yes please!), it also can help minimize issues related to skin sensitivity. Kanavita uses the highest quality CBD and contains no parabens, phthalates, silicones, SLS or any other harmful, toxic junk. I use these on my body more than my face and love how smooth and silky it leaves my skin. It’s also good post-sunburn.


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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