AutoBrush Innovative Dental Care

The standard toothbrush has evolved over the last century and it’s not unusual to see a variety of electric tooth brushes on every mass retailers store shelves. I was intrigued to find a product that kind of seemed like the same concept, only amped up into a multi-tasking tool that offers one step routine to cleaner, healthier teeth.

The AutoBrush 4 Total Package includes: one AutoBrush, whitening foam toothpaste, an automatic tongue scraper, pack of 50 dental flossers with charcoal infused tread, teeth whitening pens, a whitening tray and a charging base, cable & block. The big draw to the AutoBrush is that it claims to fully clean your teeth in just 30 seconds each use, eliminating error by brushing all of your teeth at once and removing the risk of brushing too hard. It offers three cleaning modes; care, deep cleaning and massage. And the whitening blue light claims to whiten up to 8 shades brighter than traditional treatments and the red light helps prevent receding gums.

Their teeth whitening pens are also a super convenient alternative to strips which often cause sensitivity. They’re enamel safe and super easy to use and travel friendly. While I haven’t used them enough and consistently to say if they’ve made a difference, I’m going to take before and after pictures to see if it’s noticeable. I also found it cool that they include tongue scrapers. These are great for reducing the germs that cause bad breath and can improve your taste in distinguishing flavors in foods.

While I won’t be replacing my regular brushing routine completely, I’ve enjoyed adding these products to it. I’d for sure prefer dental picks to floss and would never turn down a product that promises whiter teeth and healthier gum health. I love the innovative concept of the AutoBrush and think this would be a great idea to incorporate into a kids dental routine as well to help get them excited to take care of their teeth!


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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