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Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

Our mom’s deserve the absolute best every single day, even more so on Mother’s Day. Although materialistic gifts definitely won’t even begin to express your appreciation for her, they’re a start! I’ve compiled a list of beautiful gifts that are sure to make her day, and although this is pretty last minute, these gifts are great to give all year round!

[[ Batch • Coffee Fix Gift Batch ]] Whole bean, medium body coffee with notes of blueberry, vanilla & dark chocolate roasted by Nashville local coffee shop, Bongo Java. Accompanied by a mug with the Nashville skyline. This is a no fail gift that ANYONE would love, especially a caffeine queen! //

[[ Bee Lucia • Relaxed Wellness Candle ]] Lavender, lemongrass & amethyst provide a peaceful energy that will soothe your senses and ease your mind. These unique candles contain natural crystals, pure essential oils, beeswax, organic coconut oil and emit negative ions to help remove toxins in the air and infuse your space with positive vibes. //

[[ Warmies • Marshmallow Gray Boots ]] Fully microwaveable and subtly scented with lavender, these are the most comfortable and relaxing slippers you will find. They’re amazing at soothing tired achy feet and a must for spa nights at home. I use them regularly and love them so much I picked up a pair for my mom as well! //

[[ Biophile • Explorer Trio ]] A trio designed to work in synergy with each other for healthy, glowing skin. Root Bionic Refining Essence (roots biotic broth, lactobionic + hyaluronic acid), Shroom Biotic Broth (niacinamide, enzymes + palmitoyl tripeptide-5), and Fermented Green Tea Seed Oil (glycolipids, omega-3s + vitamin C). Each formula is built around their bionic broths which are powered by probiotic bacteria + botanicals & fungi that support the skins microbiome. //

[[ Ohom • Ui Mug & Warmer Set ]] A self-warming smart ceramic mug that keeps your coffee/tea at the perfect drinking temperature of 130°F. The electromagnetic energy base also doubles as a phone charger. This is a must for any coffee or tea lover to ensure they enjoy every last sip at the optimal temperature. //

[[ Bamford • B Silent Night Time Bath Concentrate ]] A blend of organic essential oils such as Roman chamomile, lavender, patchouli + vetiver. A hot bath + luxurious bath products are a calming way to disconnect, unwind and recharge. The scent is very zen and the oils are very nourishing. I love this bath oil and so will anyone who receives this! //

[[ Bar Pa Tea • Pink Matcha Bubble Tea Kit ]] My new favorite way to enjoy bubble tea! This kit includes: matcha powder, beet powder, green tea, golden bubbles, reusable straws and a matcha whisk. Its fun, it’s delicious and it makes beautiful Instagram worthy bubble tea lattes! //

[[ Explorer • Cold Brew Concentrate ]] A no fuss, no fail way to enjoy full-bodied, super concentrated cold brew coffee. They use single origin, organic specialty-grade beans and cold brew them for 12 hours to achieve their full flavor potential. Their coffees go from no caffeine to extra caffeine (yes please!) and can be combined with milk to make a super smooth and highly caffeinated iced latte in seconds. //

[[ Piper & Leaf • Loose Leaf Teas ]] Artisan, beautifully packaged teas in unique flavors. I am obsessed with every tea blend of theirs that I’ve tried and my favorite is probably the Summertime Chai. Black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, coriander, dill, oregano & fennel. Steep for 3.5 minutes and add a splash of vanilla creamer and ice for a sweet frozen summer treat! //

[[ Euka • Wellness Bento ]] Designed to enhance your overall health. A holistic set of products provide a daily dose of preventative wellness. The bento box includes: saline spray, antiseptic spray, multi-vitamins, breathe well shower bombs, wellness infused sanitizing wipes and wellness roller. Allergy season, pandemic – this is a must for every mom to help boost her immune system. //

[[ Gussi • At-Home Keratin Treatment Kit ]] A fun way to treat her to a salon quality hair treatment without having to step foot in an actual salon. Keratin Amino Acids build strength, elasticity and helps repair split ends. Hydrogenated Castor Oil bonds damaged cuticles and smooths hair fibers. This duo cuts styling time in half, tames frizz like no other while adding body and shine and offers immediately noticeable results. //

[[ Goodcook • Deluxe Salad Spinner ]] If you want restaurant quality salad, in addition to the right ingredients you need functional kitchen tools. This will thoroughly spin clean your vegetables and dry them to your liking. It’s sturdy, it’s useful and will amp up any homemade salad. //

[[ Burberry • Brit For Her ]] Chic & sophisticated. This fragrance features sweet notes of lush fruits, soothing amber and vanilla. It’s light, super casual and lasts for hours. Perfume is such a personal and thoughtful gift. //

Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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