Amazon Prime Day Favorites

Prime Day is here and what better time is there to stock up on items from your Amazon wish list! Starting today, thousands and thousands of deals have gone live in pretty much every category you can think of. Below are a selection of products I’ve been using and loving the last month or so, all from Amazon!

Resteck Neck & Back Massager .:. I didn’t realize the importance of a neck massager, until I found this. If you spend hours a day looking at a computer screen, this is must. There are several massage type options, varying in intensity with heat or without. The handles help you control the direction of the kneading nodes and the strength. Save on spending money on a professional massage and get this instead.

Mammafong Carbon Steel Wok .:. A traditional Chinese wok made of carbon steel to ensure fast and even heat distribution. I’ve wanted to replace my non-stick wok for a while and decided to go for the real deal. With proper seasoning (patience is key) this will make cooking a breeze and should last years.

Klipsch Heritage Groove Bluetooth Speaker .:. I was initially drawn to this speaker for its looks – vintage, small and the perfect addition to living room shelves. The sound quality is what we’ve come to know and expect from Klipsch – pleasant, balanced and clear. It connects via Bluetooth to pretty much any streaming device with an 8 hour rechargeable battery life. I use this every single day, and highly recommended.

Ovalware Electric Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle .:. Another new obsession of mine, this kettle. I’ve owned several other kettles and this one is by far the best. It contains precise (to the degree) temperature control for the perfect cup of tea/coffee every single use. I love how quickly it boils water (less than 5 minutes) and that it contains a standby mode that will retain the temperature for about 10 minutes. It looks great displayed on kitchen counters and makes me look forward to my evening cup of tea!

Sona Home Slate Coasters .:. Something that is way underrated but totally necessary – coasters! I love the natural, earthy feel of these. They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for at a fraction of the cost of what I’ve been finding in big retailers. They contain cork on the bottom to prevent scratching and protect your tables from unsightly water rings.

Venture Pal 64oz Water Bottle .:. Why have I waited so long to get one of these?! If you’re looking for an extra push to motivate you to drink more water, this is it. The time tracker helps you be more aware of your water intake and after using this a few days, it will become routine. It comes in a few sizes, I felt this one was big enough to upgrade my water intake without being excessively large.

J.K. Adams 1761 Collection Cutting/Serving Board .:. I have been been on a kitchen decor spree, and this is my favorite new addition. Made from sustainably grown and harvested hardwood, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee (amazing). The driftwood finish is food safe and looks so beautiful displayed against your backsplash. Whether it be for use as a cutting board, charcuterie, or for display purposes only, you won’t be disappointed.

Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer .:. The WiFi function takes meal prepping & cooking to a new level of ease. It contains 11 built-in one-touch presets, over 100 programmed recipes and will cook literally anything – steak, chicken, pizza, vegetables, scones, muffins, meatballs, salmon, tofu, shrimp, fries, bread… you name it, this will cook it!

Down To Earth Book .:. Down To Earth focuses on creating a lifestyle that inspires functionality through an approachable design aesthetic. The pictures are inspiring and with a little creativity can be adapted to fit your space. The book is filled with design ideas and looks beautiful in itself displayed as a coffee table book.

UppWell Salt & Pepper Grinder .:. Not only is this set aesthetically pleasing but they’re made from sustainably sourced solid acacia wood. The packaging contains zero plastic and UppWell will plant a tree with every purchase. Stylish, useful and eco-friendly.. what’s not to love?!

Maju Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies .:. I need to step my vitamin routine up, and decided to start with these. The gummies are made from pure, raw, unfiltered ACV and are great for digestion, immunity, energy and skin health. If you want the benefits of ACV but don’t like the taste, these are for you.

MUSH Overnight Oats .:. I used to eat oatmeal daily for breakfast so I was excited to find this Shark Tank backed brand while browsing Amazon. They’re rich in protein, high in fiber, and contain only fruits, water, oats & salt. They come in several flavors (my fave is vanilla bean), and are a healthy preservative -free alternative to traditional oatmeal.

Gilden Tree Waffle Weave Bath Mat .:. If you haven’t made the switch to waffle weave bath towels/mats, you totally should! They have an organic, natural look to them and dry 40% faster than a standard towel. They’re super soft & absorbent and are a must for helping to create a spa experience at home.

Nancy Braithwaite: Simplicity .:. Every picture included in addition to the book jacket itself shows the attention to detail put into this book. Luxuriously minimalist and timeless, this book contains pages among pages of inspiration and aspects in design on how to achieve it, including color, texture, pattern, architecture, scale and composition. Inspiration for anyone stuck in a design/decor funk.

Stone + Lain 16 Piece Round Weave Dinnerware Set .:. I’ve been on the hunt for new dishes for a while but wasn’t looking forward to spending hundreds on a set. This set is super affordable and contains tons of 5 star reviews. The dishes are dishwasher safe and microwaveable and come in 3 colors: gray, black and white. The organic shape add interest and the quality can’t be beat for the price.

Klask Magnetic Party Game .:. My kids are obsessed with this game and it’s great for all ages. It offers the same fun of air hockey but for a fraction of the price & size. Games are a nice option when taking a break from electronics and this one will keep you entertained for hours. Bonus points if you’re competitive, you’ll enjoy it even more.

Sacred Lotus Love Essential Oil Diffuser .:. I love the simplistic design of this diffuser and that it runs up to 8 hours per use. It’s made of high quality porcelain & 100% natural wood. This sits right at my front door so there’s a sense of calm as soon as you enter the home.

Blue Planet Balance Surfer Board .:. I am a big fan of home exercise equipment vs gym memberships. In addition to being more accessible, they end up paying for them self with consistent use. A few minutes a day on this will prove it’s working your leg muscle strength as well as helping improve your posture and balance. It comes with several balance modules depending on the level of difficulty you prefer and is a great addition to a standing desk.

Evriholder Genie Cleaning Slippers .:. I know they’re kind of funny looking but hear me out – these are so useful at dusting the floors and baseboards with no effort other than just walking around. I put these on during work calls and pace around my house cleaning the floors. They get the job done and help you get your steps in the for day. I’ve tried several cleaning products from Evriholder and have no complaints.

Snailax Memory Foam Massage Mat .:. The first thing I searched when putting together this post, were massage products. This full body vibrating massage mat will force you to sit still, help soothe achy muscles and just chill out and relax. It contains 10 massage motors, 6 heating pads and 3 vibration intensity options. This is a nice treat after a long day and great for unwinding.

Vivohome Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Mega Movie Projector Screen .:. I am OBSESSED. This screen comes in several sizes ranging from 14ft to 20ft, I chose 17 ft and couldn’t be happier. It is the coolest addition to any outdoor summer party and my only complaint is that I didn’t find it sooner! It can easily be set up by one person, inflates quickly, contains clips to help flatten and smooth the screen and a travel bag for easy storage. Highly recommend!

Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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