Natural Migraine Relief with the Pranamat ECO Therapeutic Massage Mat

I have unfortunately dealt with migraines on a semi-consistent basis for the past 10 years or so. I’ve went to multiple different doctors, specialists, have had several CT scans, MRI’s, allergy tests, only to hear that my migraines were most likely stress related. I was prescribed a few different strong medications but was terrified to … More Natural Migraine Relief with the Pranamat ECO Therapeutic Massage Mat

Supplements That Promote Beauty From Within

I’m constantly searching for skincare and beauty related products.. creams, lotions, masks.. I’ve tried them all! I thought it would be a fun experiment to try something that promotes beauty from within. The four products listed below have all been tested by me over the course of the last few months and are all based on my own … More Supplements That Promote Beauty From Within

Bloomsy Box

There are subscription boxes for everything, makeup, candy, snacks, healthy foods, sweets, pet products, crafts, wine, teas.. you get the idea, you name it theres probably a company that offers it as a monthly reoccurring subscription box. I’m really picky when it comes to committing to a subscribing because I hate getting tiny sample sized … More Bloomsy Box

Hair Care Favorites

I’ve been testing tons of hair products the past few months in search for the best to help tame my somewhat unruly hair and the products listed below are the ones I love and can stand behind. My hair type: oily (needs to be washed daily) medium thickness, naturally wavy, has to be styled daily, or else it … More Hair Care Favorites