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Yoga Clothing Inspiration

So it may seem kind of random to title this "Yoga Clothing Inspiration" or you may be wondering how clothing can inspire me to practice yoga, it's simple.. when I wear the right clothing while exercising and practicing yoga, I'm comfortable, relaxed and motived to work harder & for a longer period of time. I'm… Continue reading Yoga Clothing Inspiration


Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Need a few last-minute gift ideas for Mother's Day? You're in luck, I've got you covered! If your mom is anything like mine, picking out the perfect gift is no simple task. Material gifts are great and a fun way to thank our incredible moms for all that they do. One (or more) of these gifts… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

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Nespresso VertuoLine + 2 Coffee Recipes

Nespresso has delivered breakthrough coffee technology for decades and the VertuoLine machine is definitely no exception. I've used everything from a Gaggia espresso machine, a Keurig single serve brewer to a french press, and this is  BY FAR the best, most versatile, easiest to use machine on the market. They have a huge variety of… Continue reading Nespresso VertuoLine + 2 Coffee Recipes

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3 Simple DIY Honey Face Masks

After recommending a few skincare products in my last post, I also want to share a few DIY face mask recipes. These are all really simple using 3 ingredients or less which you most likely already have at home and will fit in any budget. The main ingredient in each mask is honey because I'm obsessed and use it every… Continue reading 3 Simple DIY Honey Face Masks

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Mantry Box: Hecho en America II

Mantry a.k.a the modern man's pantry is a monthly artisan food subscription box. I'm always into trying new things and finding new products, food being no exception. With all of the food subscription boxes around, it's totally acceptable to be picky! I was originally drawn to Mantry for their unique packaging. A re-useable wood crate that just looks… Continue reading Mantry Box: Hecho en America II

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Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

It's 2015 and juicing is practically mainstream. It's popularity has been on the rise for years and has caused much speculation whether or not it's beneficial. I've read articles both for and against it and the positives outweighed the negatives. If you're interested in trying out a juice cleanse, do your research to ensure it's right… Continue reading Benefits of a Juice Cleanse