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Single Eyeshadows + Small Palette Collection

You already know I LOVE eyeshadows, for as long as I can remember it's always been my makeup obsession! I wrote about my palette collection a year or so ago and eyeshadow palettes always seem to get all the love on YouTube and blogs so lets shed some light on all the fabulous eyeshadow singles… Continue reading Single Eyeshadows + Small Palette Collection

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March Favorites // Affordable Beauty Finds

A few new beauty finds from February/March that I've been loving - best part? They're all budget friendly! 🙂 Broo .:. Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner + Body Wash »» Beer for your hair?! I was immediately intrigued by this idea. It's totally random & kind of fits into the category of "unusual beauty products" but the results are… Continue reading March Favorites // Affordable Beauty Finds

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A Rosy Glow – Why You Should Wear Blush

It's the step in our makeup routine many write off as unnecessary, yet it totally is. Once your done with your full foundation routine you're left with a flat, matte skin tone thats all even in color. It needs color and depth. Blush will complete even the most understated of looks. The history of rosy cheeks… Continue reading A Rosy Glow – Why You Should Wear Blush