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Nespresso’s New Aged to Perfection Vintage Coffee

We've all heard of aged wine, cheese, meat, and liquor, but aged coffee?! Nespresso recently launched a new aged to perfection, Selection Vintage 2014 coffee. Like wine, coffee can also be expertly aged for a unique result that is rich, smooth and deliciously bold. They source Arabica coffee beans from high altitudes in the Colombian… Continue reading Nespresso’s New Aged to Perfection Vintage Coffee

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Onyx Coffee Lab

My favorite coffee ever, yes I said EVER, is Onyx Coffee Lab's Sugar Skull Blend.  It's a unique, complex blend of tasting notes including milk chocolate, candied walnuts and orange zest.  It's... AMAZING. I love that they offer a seasonal Roaster Sample Box, it gives you the opportunity to try 4 (4oz) bags of coffee. My… Continue reading Onyx Coffee Lab