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Napa Style 10-Salt & Spice Box


If you love to cook, this is a must have in your kitchen. Not a professional chef? Not that great of a cook? Doesn’t matter, this salt & spice box will make you feel like a pro. It’s referred to as “an artists paint box for flavor.” It’s has a beautiful design, big variety, and will last you FOREVER, even if you cook on a daily basis!


Herbes de Napa (1.75 oz.)
Chile Oregano Mix (1.75 oz.)
Citrus Pepper Blend (4.5 oz.)
Citrus Rosemary Gray Salt(4.5 oz.)
Sundried Tomato Garlic Gray Salt (4.5 oz.)
Roasted Garlic Gray Salt (4.5 oz.)
Gray Salt (4.5 oz.)
Toasted Spice Rub (4.2 oz.)
Fennel Spice Rub (4.2 oz.)
Roasted Garlic Rubs (4.2 oz.)

I’ve had this for about a month and have been using it constantly. You can buy fresh ingredients and use these spices to turn even the simplest meal into something extraordinary. My most used salts & spices are the Gray Salt, Citrus Rosemary Gray Salt, and Citrus Pepper Blend. The Gray Salt is perfect on ANYTHING. I’ve used the Citrus Rosemary Gray Salt & Citrus Pepper Blend on everything we’ve been grilling this past month. Burgers, chicken, vegetables, it’s versatile and very flavorful! I’ve also used the Roasted Garlic Gray Salt a lot, I love the taste of garlic but have a history of burning it while cooking, fail! 😦 This is great because it gives me the flavor but there is no work or effort on my part. I’m all about convenience in the kitchen! My husband made steak last week using only the gray salt & herbs de Napa, outcome? Tender, juicy, bold flavored steak. It was aaaaamazing. I’ll post a few of my favorite recipes using these spices & salts soon, bare with me as my appetite is a little “off” right now! 🙂



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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