Perc Coffee

Something that was bound to be mentioned sooner or later is my love for coffee! As a working mother of a toddler, I appreciate any boost of energy I can get. Perc Coffee has been a part of my daily routine and has withstood its high expectations. 🙂 The Montanas Del Diamante roast is probably … More Perc Coffee

Caru Skincare Co.

I’ve been reading labels now more than I ever have in my entire life and am actually kind of terrified by some of the ingredients I’ve found in some of the facial products that are very well-known and sold everywhere.  Parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals (just a few) all stuff in many skin care products that millions of … More Caru Skincare Co.

All Natural with Au Naturale <3

I am OBSESSED with the organic cosmetic line Au Naturale.  Actually, obsessed would probably be an understatement! Their packaging, their quality, their philosophy, their products… perfect! They create professional grade cosmetics that are rich in color, elegant, modern and all natural of course! Their vision is to empower not only women but our entire global … More All Natural with Au Naturale ❤

Kombucha Brooklyn

Wait, what is it?  I’ve been asked this question like 63 times after mentioning that I was brewing my own kombucha at home.  Simple answer: kombucha is a naturally carbonated, raw, probiotic, fermented tea.   It is made up of very few ingredients including tea, water, sugar and the fermenting culture called SCOBY.  It is a … More Kombucha Brooklyn