Summer Cocktail Recipe Using Sorel Liqueur

Ingredients: · 2 oz Sorel liqueur · 2 oz Pomegranate sparkling water · splash of fresh lime juice · lime wedge for garnish Directions: · Shake 2 oz of Sorel with 1 oz of Pomegranate sparkling water · Pour over ice · Top with remaining 1 oz of Pomegranate sparkling water & lime juice · Garnish… Continue reading Summer Cocktail Recipe Using Sorel Liqueur


Huckleberry Customized Skincare

Probably the only downfall with organic, natural skin care that I can see is its shelf life.  Since there are no preservatives added it expires a lot sooner. I recently came across Huckleberry, it's a customized natural skin care line that delivers fresh, spa-quality facial sets right to your door.  You have the option of choosing… Continue reading Huckleberry Customized Skincare

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All Natural with Au Naturale <3

I am OBSESSED with the organic cosmetic line Au Naturale.  Actually, obsessed would probably be an understatement! Their packaging, their quality, their philosophy, their products... perfect! They create professional grade cosmetics that are rich in color, elegant, modern and all natural of course! Their vision is to empower not only women but our entire global… Continue reading All Natural with Au Naturale ❤

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Odacité Divine Rose & Neroli Toner

I wear makeup at least 5 out of 7 days, every single week probably for the past 10 years or so now and only found out about the importance of a setting spray just over two years ago when I was getting my makeup done for my wedding.  Makeup looks SO different when you start… Continue reading Odacité Divine Rose & Neroli Toner

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Panatea #MatchaMovement & Latte Recipe

Matcha green tea is the highest quality powdered green tea available and is an ancient tradition of the Japanese culture.  It is 100% pure leaf tea, it's insanely healthy and has an endless amount of benefits!  I've been replacing my daily morning cup of coffee with a matcha latte and am much more satisfied! It is… Continue reading Panatea #MatchaMovement & Latte Recipe

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Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Serum: Balance

An important part of my daily skincare routine is to moisturize.  The benefits will be visible years in the future, so it's important we take care of our skin and hydrate it just like we do our bodies. I have a "combination" skin type that is both dry and oily in my T zone.  Unfortunately many… Continue reading Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Serum: Balance

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The Everything Balm!

A balm for your lips, skin AND hair!? Here it is, Olio E Sasso. It is nourishing, hydrating, moisturizing & AMAZING! It contains natural beeswax, olive & shea oils & grapefruit essential oils.  Everything is sourced and produced with minimally processed ingredients locally in Portland, Oregon.  Their balms come in four different colors, #1 - Clear,… Continue reading The Everything Balm!