hair care

Hair Care Favorites

I've been testing tons of hair products the past few months in search for the best to help tame my somewhat unruly hair and the products listed below are the ones I love and can stand behind. My hair type: oily (needs to be washed daily) medium thickness, naturally wavy, has to be styled daily, or else it… Continue reading Hair Care Favorites


Shop To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

As you already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month which means that many generous companies have teamed up with various organizations to support the cause. By purchasing any of the items listed below (and many more) you're making a contribution. Every purchase, or charitable donation brings us closer to a world without breast cancer. Shop… Continue reading Shop To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

interior design

Affordable Contemporary Dining Room Decor

The most important aspect when designing/decorating your home is that it's perfect for YOUR lifestyle. It's pointless to follow specific design trends if the space won't work for you. I've had the hardest time styling my dining room to fit in with the rest of my house. I feel like since I've moved in its… Continue reading Affordable Contemporary Dining Room Decor