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Organic Gemini – Guarana Energy & Tigernut Horchata

. I try not to drink coffee every single day because I always seem to add a ton of sugar, creamer and I end up drinking like a 500+ calorie cup of coffee...insane. I'm always looking for healthier alternatives that still contain caffeine. My latest find is Organic Gemini's Guarana Energy and Tigernut Horchata. Organic… Continue reading Organic Gemini – Guarana Energy & Tigernut Horchata

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Cacaocuvée – Dark Secret Chocolate

. Probably my favorite new (to me) discovery is the Cacaocuvée Dark Secret Chocolate. My biggest problem isn't always choosing the right things to eat but watching my portion sizes. These chocolates make it SO EASY for anyone watching their calorie intake, or anyone who loves to eat dark chocolate while still being health conscious. Cacaocuvée… Continue reading Cacaocuvée – Dark Secret Chocolate


Zipz Wine

Zipz Wine partnered with California's Fetzer's winery to create a fresh, single serve quality wine. The stemware is made of BPA-free, recyclable plastic. They offer Chardonnay(2012), Pinot Grigio(2012), Merlot(2011) & Cabernet Sauvignon(2010).  The unique packaging makes it possible to drink wine outside, on the go or in places where glass isn't permitted.  Such a cool, interesting… Continue reading Zipz Wine