Favorite Fall Inspired Desserts

Summer is officially over, put down the margarita, put away those bathing suits, bring out the black sweater and leggings and INDULGE in some amaaaazing fall inspired desserts… in moderation of course! 😉 { Macaron Café .:. } I am a macaron addict. I would eat these daily if it wouldn’t make me gain 300lbs.… Continue reading Favorite Fall Inspired Desserts


Create a Spa Day At-Home

If there's one thing I've learned since becoming a full-time working mom, it's that a little down time is totally necessary to stay cool, calm & collected and of course maintain your sanity! I wrote an at-home "spa day" post a few months back, but figured I would re-write it updating you all on my… Continue reading Create a Spa Day At-Home