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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2023

A selection of my favorite gift ideas this Valentine’s Day! Whether it be for your spouse, your kids, or for a friend for “galentines day”, I’ve included unique and useful ideas that will make whoever you’re giving them to feel loved well past Valentine’s Day. XO.

WMS & Co • Synergy Essential Oil Diffuser :: If you’re looking for an aesthetic gift that creates a relaxed ambiance, this is it. Crafted in Australia each piece is carved from a solid block of travertine and comes with a beeswax votive candle & lavender essential oil. This truly will elevate any space you place it in and the lavender scent instantly evokes a sense of calm. ::

Parker + Gibbs • Ticked Stripe Cotton Throw :: Handwoven with 30% recycled yarns by artisans in India. This throw adds a relaxed vibe to your space and is almost too pretty to use. Parker + Gibbs offer a curated selection of high quality goods from throws to kilim pillow covers, candles, ceramic vases, decorative bowls and flatware sets. I love their minimalist style and how uniquely beautiful this throw is. ::

Emile Henry France • Sublime Round Dutch Oven :: The revolutionary “Sublime” technology is superior to a traditional enamel Dutch oven. It achieves high temperatures in less than a minute, distributes heat evenly, is 50% lighter than cast iron, made from natural materials and has no high heat limitations. Sear, fry, sauté, bake, simmer or slow cook. This pot does it all. ::

Koolaburra by Ugg • Peachee Slippers :: One thing I cannot live without – a pair of cozy slippers! I work from home and live in slippers, every single day. Made of a soft faux shearling, these will keep your feet warm and snug and look so cute doing so. ::

Roen Beauty • 75° Warm Eyeshadow Palette & Cheeky Blushes :: Created by a clean beauty advocate, celebrity makeup artist and a fashion photographer, this luxury beauty brand is as innovative as it is beautiful. Their products offer clean ingredients without sacrificing quality. Their eyeshadow palettes apply effortlessly and provide a multi-dimensional glassy effect. Their Cheeky Blushes are also a personal fave. The lightweight, buildable formula completely melts into the skin, and blends out like a dream. They’re hydrating, easy to use and offer a soft flush of color that looks so glowy and natural. ::

Noon • Renew CBD Drops :: A powerful blend of all-natural plant extracts (Bacopa Monnieri, Lions Mane Mushroom, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf and CBD isolate) to enhance cognitive function. Their drops are are extracted from organically grown Colorado native hemp and will help elevate your mood and support immunity. Perfect for these gloomy winter days. ::

Line in The Sand • Loungewear :: One hundred percent (yes 100%) of profits go to cancer and ocean organizations. Founded by a cancer survivor who’s happy place is by the water, this collection was created to empower women to feel great, protect them from the sun and to protect our oceans and fight cancer. I LOVE everything this company stands for. They have a line of protective waterwear made from recycled ocean plastic and loungewear collection that is beyond cozy. I’m obsessed! ::

Therasage • Healing Pad :: FIR heating pads truly are the greatest invention ever. This features natural jade stones to generate negative ions and grounding therapy, is amazing at relieving pain, increasing circulation, relaxing muscles and improving sleep. I have been using this constantly as part of my “wellness routine” and love the portable size and that it’s flexible enough to wrap around different areas of my body. This is the best gift for anyone who prioritizes self-care. ::

Vosges • Love Frequency Purple Energy Collection :: The ONLY chocolates you need this Valentine’s Day! Vosges chocolates truly are a work of art and an experience to be had. Their unique flavor offerings allow you to travel the world through chocolate. Sixteen truffles inspired by the characteristics of power, royalty and femininity. The flavors included: Bergamot, Bordier Butter, Strawberry Coulis & Strawberry Mascarpone. I also love their Good Luck Cakes, rich lemon pound cake + fresh raspberries, white chocolate, 23 carat gold leaf and rosebud tea. Worth every single calorie! ::

Friend & Folk • Ace Quarter Zip Sweatshirt & Joon Joggers :: Gender + size inclusive apparel line that donates 30% of profits to foster + fund which provides grants to small businesses to build equity, opportunity and the tools they need to thrive. Their clothing offers a slightly oversized fit and relaxed feel and caters to ALL sizes from xxs-7xl. Their pieces are hand dyed in Los Angeles and are far from “fast fashion” and are pieces you will keep for years to come. ::

SimpleHuman • Sensor Mirror Round & Sensor Pump with Caddy :: SimpleHuman is changing the game when it comes to high tech housewares. Their sensor mirror lights up automatically as your face approaches, it simulates natural sunlight, has a touch control brightness bar that gives you control over a range of brightness. This is the best of the best for applying makeup. The sensor soap pump is touch free and clog-proof. One charge lasts 8 months and it looks chic displayed on your kitchen counter. ::

Smithey Ironware • No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet :: Incredibly versatile and nearly indestructible cast iron skillets will last a lifetime and then some. American made and the perfect size for everyday use for a wide range of dishes. This makes a great gift for home cook beginners to chefs. Sturdy, offers great heat retention and gets better each use, this makes for a great family heirloom piece. ::

SleepScore • Max :: The most accurate sleep tracking device next to clinical sleep measures. This helps track, discover and improve your sleep over time without the need to wear anything. It recommends sleep solutions, offers science-based advice, a comprehensive sleep report, personalized insights and actionable advice. This will level up your sleep quality and help you improve it in every way possible. ::

Kyoord • The Governor Extra Virgin Olive Oil :: Award winning extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols. Tasting notes of arugula, chicory and artichokes. The olives are harvested early and pressed same day and the receive constant temperature monitoring to ensure the highest quality product you can find. It compliments any dish it’s used in and contains several health benefits as well! ::

Radicaln • White and Grey Oceanic Marble Chess Set :: Handmade from high quality Marble onyx. Not only does this set look beautiful displayed on a coffee table, the game itself is both educational and entertaining. Chess helps train your memory and develop problem solving skills. It can be enjoyed across generations and a quality set like this will be enjoyed for decades. They also offer sturdy cases ideal for protection & traveling. ::

Snooz • White Noise Machine :: Ideal for anyone of all ages, who couldn’t benefit from better sleep?! Not only do I feel like it helps you fall asleep faster, but it truly drowns out any noise for better quality sleep. It’s programmable, has an app and uses an actual fan to create white noise with adjustable tone & volume settings. ::

Kate McLeod • Breathe Stone :: Breathe stone is like a breath of fresh air connecting you to nature while helping clear congestion, relieve exhaustion and soothe the skin. The peppermint & blue cypress scent is calming and the stone instantly softens upon contact and melts into your skin leaving it deeply hydrated. Great addition to your evening wind down ritual and perfect for spa-days at home. ::

Asystem • Complete Calm System :: Designed to reduce anxiety & improve sleep. Just one of each gummy everyday. Results are quick and compound over time with consistent use. They contain a natural formula backed by clinical data. A great option to help manage daily stressors and sleep sounder. ::

Bohēme • The Discovery Set :: Candles make great gifts year round, they help set the mood in a room and fill it with a warm, comforting scent. This set offers a sampling of their entire Wanderlust collection. Each candle offers a sensory journey through some of the most beautiful & alluring locations in the world. My favorite scent is Joshua Tree; notes of bergamot, agave, cactus blossom, amber and patchouli in a clean, all natural, vegan wax. ::

Canopy • Humidifier :: Add clean moisture to your space while promoting healthy, glowing skin. Canopy uses a unique technology called Smart Persistent Airflow that doesn’t allow mold to grow. It emits filtered air and doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser. This is great for your skin and for your health and is the cleanest humidifier on the market. ::

Renpho • Shiatsu Calf & Foot Massager Pro 2 :: When your feet could use a little TLC, a relaxing massage steps up to relieve tension. This massager delivers on muscle recovery, pain relief and a deep kneading foot massage packed into one. It offers a handheld controller, 3 knead options, 3 air levels and 3 heat levels. This is the ideal gift for anyone who’s on their feet all day, it really is the gift of relaxation. ::

Sweetflexx • Capri Hi-Rise Resistance Leggings :: Take your activewear to another level with built-in resistance band leggings. “Wear your gym”. They compliment any fitness routine and studies show that they help burn more calories during your workout. A very useful gift for anyone who prioritizes fitness. ::

Jiggy Puzzles • NYC Night :: Designed by Brooklyn painter and illustrator, Sara Boccaccini. This 450 piece puzzle comes in a reusable glass jar, with puzzle glue, a straight edge tool and a print of the art to follow. It’s essentially a really pretty puzzle & a unique piece of art. Unplug, grab a cup of tea and put together this puzzle this winter, your brain will thank you. ::

Rare Tea Co. • Jasmine Tea :: Not flavored and contains no additives. This tea is fragranced by fresh jasmine flowers in sealed scenting rooms over the course of six days. It’s a delicate, slightly sweet flavor that is a great addition to a calming, evening ritual. ::

Kai Housewares • Pro 3 Piece Set :: All the basics you need to throw down in the kitchen. Included are an 8 inch chefs knife, a pairing knife, and a utility knife. Made of imported Japanese stainless steel that is corrosion and wear resistant. These knives can handle anything and the hammered finish keeps anything from sticking. ::

The Flower Hunter & Inspired by Nature books :: A story of a love for flowers. This is such a great resource on all things flowers and the photography is beautiful. Inspired by Nature offers design inspiration centered around nature and explains how designing your home in such a way will reduce stress & improve your overall mood. It offers an interesting perspective on how to incorporate unusual objects, texture and materials into your home for a lived in feel. ::


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