Create a Spa Day At-Home


If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a full-time working mom, it’s that a little down time is totally necessary to stay cool, calm & collected and of course maintain your sanity! I wrote an at-home “spa day” post a few months back, but figured I would re-write it updating you all on my newest finds (and some old ones that I still love & use). I hope this inspires you to take some much deserved time to yourself to relax and create your own spa experience in the comfort of your own home.


{ Comfy bath pillow } ◊ Something I can’t go without. This one was like $7 from HomeGoods. I bought it over a year ago, it’s easy to clean, takes up very little room. Best investment if you’re an avid bath taker!

bamboo bathtub caddy } • This may seem a little extra but I love the convenience. All of your favorite “spa” products fit comfortably on this and there’s even room for a drink.. fruit infused water, tea, *wine*.. whatever helps you relax!

JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser } ◊ This won a ton of awards and was featured in Vogue, I’m a huge skincare junkie so I figured it was worth a try! What is it? An at-home device used to increase the absorption of your daily skincare products. It only takes a minute to use for each area (so under 5 minutes on average) and takes absolutely no added effort! I’m 26 so wrinkles aren’t an issue for me YET, but I love using this with any skincare products targeted towards acne. I also love how soft and moisturized my skin feels after each use. It’s a little pricey, but the fast results justify the price.


Lighting candles and dimming the lights set a laid back, relaxing environment. I am obsessed with the entire Capri Blue candle line. The Aloha Orchid scent is my favorite, it’s a combination of Orchids, jasmine and gardenia entwined with white blossoms. Very concentrated, you can smell it while walking by even when it’s not lit. I also love their diffuser in Aloha Orchid as well. The scent fills up my entire upstairs and makes me feel like I’m on a beautiful tropical island somewhere. Their products are made from all natural materials and are sure to please even the pickiest of recipients. I will most definitely be repurchasing.

{ Soap } ⇒ Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Soap Trio in Rosemary Lavender. This soap cleanses and nourishes your face, body AND your hair. It’s an antioxidant rich blend of argan oil with coconut, olive and shea oils. It’s ideal for any skin type and leaves your skin SO smooth.

{ Bath Oil } ⇒ Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil. This is my #1 go-to product I always reach for when taking a bath. The combination of frankincense, petitgrain, wild camomile and rosemary instantly induces a feeling of calm and the rich oil leaves your skin very moisturized, so no additional product is even necessary to use after. Only a tiny cap-full is needed so this will go a very long way.

{ Bath Bombs } ⇒ Feeling Smitten – I’ll admit, I was initially intrigued by these products because they really are “treats” for the bath and are pretty. But I’m a fan of all of their products I’ve tried thus far, cupcake bath bombs, strawberry mint gelato sugar scrub and sugar brulee body wash. Their cupcakes are handmade with quality ingredients and just add a really fun touch to your spa setup. My favorite: Pink Bliss.


Hello Hair Hydrating Mask } • I like to use a hair mask once a week to keep my hair shiny and as healthy as possible. This is my latest find. It’s 100% natural and each pouch will last you about 4 uses. Apply it to dry hair, pull up your hair in a soft towel and let it work its magic for 30 minutes. Thumbs up for nourished, shiny hair!

Jules And Esther Cucumber Eye Gel } ◊ The first two things that come to mind when I think of a spa are, thick creamy face masks and cucumber slices. Don’t waste your time schlepping to the grocery store to buy a cucumber every time you need a little extra help hiding those dark circles and under eye bags. This cool on contact, lightly scented gel spreads on easily and feels really refreshing. I like to store it in the fridge for optimal results.

Kahina Giving Beauty FEZ Hand and Body Balm } • Infused with oils, plant butters and beeswax, this really is the ultimate skin salve. I’m not only a fan of Kahina’s awesome products, but their story as well. “Women Helping Women Through Shared Beauty Rituals.” They use the highest quality ingredients that are ethically sourced and contain only organic, fair trade oil. Their CEO even frequently visits their oil suppliers in Morocco ensuring top quality and fair treatment of their women workers. The balm smells amazing and really soothes dry spots quickly. A product that not only works but you can feel safe with the ingredients you’re putting on your skin. I’d say it’s a win win.

Task Essential Skin Feed O2 Active Moisturiser } ◊ Free of parabens, sulfates and rich in antioxidants. This moisturizer contains algae extracts, aproicot oil, papaya extracts and pure oxygen molecules. This is a brand new release and sure to be a hit amongst skincare aficionados.

Sjal Skincare Bio-Regeneratif Serum } • This is one of the most luxurious serums I’ve used. It’s primary focus is on cellular regeneration, radiance, energy and even skin tone. It’s unique patented peptide complex deliver visibly noticeable results at a quick pace. Just to name a few benefits: micro circulation, protection from EMF’s, stimulates collagen synthesis and inhibits muscle contractions aka those fine lines caused by facial expressions. The price tag is very steep but their gemstone and mineral infused products are game changing, so if it’s within your means, treat yourself!


The pampering doesn’t end with the bath tub! Extend your much deserved down time with some comfy attire, soothing scents and your favorite massage device.

I live in pajamas. Not even joking, I change out of my work clothes as soon as I walk in the door. If I’m planning on going anywhere I usually wear leggings, or something acceptable for public, but most nights, immediately into my pajamas. So I guess you could say, I have a few pairs 😉 my FAVORITE are the Carole Hochman Midnight Annette Stripe Pajamas. Modal, crochet, satin, elastic waistband.. heaven! You won’t find anything more comfortable to relax and lounge in!

{ Serene House Scent Pot } ◊ I LOVE aromatherapy. This is a spa essential. Don’t ever underestimate the power of scent! Essential oils help you relax, help you sleep, improve your skin and more than likely even benefit your mental health. This little scent pot fits in with any contemporary décor and packs a huge punch! I use mine daily and alternate between Bright Day, Motivation, Forest Breeze and Rejuvenation essential oils. My favorite is Forest Breeze, it’s calming, really concentrated and always helps me relax.

I’m not a huge fan of all the big, bulky massage mats and devices that come with a high price tag and end up sitting in a closet for months on end. I am so weird when it comes to being massaged or anything of that sort, so going to get a professional massage isn’t for me. The only area that bothers me on a consistent basis is my feet. I don’t stand much at my job but wear heels every single day. I use the Moji Foot Pro Massager. Freeze it for an ice massage that’s both soothing and relieving. Don’t let it’s small size fool you, this is travel friendly, making it a great option to create a spa experience anywhere you go!

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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