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The Best Coffee Table Books of 2022

Nothing says you’re committed to interior design & decor more than a stack of coffee table books adorning your living space. However, to be considered “the best of the best” they have to contain a cover that’s worthy of display in the most well-designed living rooms in addition to intriguing photography and of course, quality content for its intended purpose.. to be read. Featured below are my favorite coffee table books of 2022.

Michele Saee – Philosophy and Process :: A collection of architect & designer, Michele Saee’s life’s work over the course of three decades. Over 50 projects spanning from California to Paris and many in between. I find this interesting as it shows various stages of each project from its original idea followed through to creation & completion.

Disc Interiors – Portraits of Home :: This showcases LA design firms timeless design while balancing a modern & traditional aesthetic with function. Their style is so relaxed yet sophisticated and inviting. Earthy color palettes and organic textures are my favorite when it comes to design and this book is packed with stunning photos and major inspiration. May I also add that the green book cover makes for beautiful design in itself.

At Home: Evocative & Art-Forward Interiors :: If I could emulate a space in my own house based off of a book cover, it would be this. The spaces featured in this are so interesting and inviting. Designer Brian Paquette creates homes that reflect his clients identities & history through the use of texture, art and light exposure. This book will evoke thoughts of how you too can create a comfortable home that reflects who you are.

Nomad at Home: Designing the Home More Traveled :: Design meets travel. This book features several unique locations from a design point of view. I love that she pulls inspiration from every place she travels and brings a piece of it home. I love the unique perspective and seeing how other people live all over the world.

Designing Your World: Marcel Wolterinck :: The heaviest & most substantial book on this list, with writing in both Dutch & English. This contains 20 international projects from Dutch designer Marcel Wolterinck. His work is characterized by the use of subtle, earthy tones and refined, natural materials. It would be an absolute dream to have Marcel design my house and this book truly showcases some of the most beautiful spaces ever.

Forest by Matt Collins :: Explore the history of some of the worlds most enchanting forests while reading stories of people living in harmony with nature. I love the vibrant exterior cover, vast information on many of the worlds trees and following their journey across the world.

The New Traditional :: Approachable elegance and glamorous, coastal-chic interiors. Barclay Butera’s style is clean & classic. While many of the spaces featured aren’t my personal aesthetic, I enjoyed reading this and noting design features I may have not otherwise thought of.

Workstead: Interiors of Beauty and Necessity :: Brooklyn based design studio, Workstead create modern and sophisticated spaces that balance beauty with necessity. This book contains a compilation of fresh ideas and simplicity in design with an emphasis on lasting quality and creating a timeless aesthetic. The thoughtfulness that goes into each of their projects is astounding and every page of this is inspiring!

Hi-Fi The History of High-End Audio :: This offers a deep dive into the fascinating, insightful history of audio design & technology. I was drawn to this as I love the retro, vintage vibe and thought it would be an interesting topic to explore. It’s engaging and helps to better understand & appreciate the audio equipment that’s evolved over the years.

Live Beautiful :: An emphasis on how design is more than what meets the eye, it helps improve the quality of our lives. Layered textures and collected pieces, this walks us through how to recreate such spaces within our own homes. I love that it contains tips on how to achieve a designer inspired space in an approachable way.

Eight Homes: Clements Design :: Mother & son founders of design firm, Clements Design, interior designers to A-list celebrities have released their first book. It showcases eight homes with their understated elegance, zen-like simplicity signature style. This offers a ton of inspiration for anyone looking to add a relaxed feel to their home. I’ve had this book for over a year and still find myself reading and referencing it regularly.

The New Southern :: Photographer and Stylist, Alyssa Rosenheck’s mission is to inspire others to lean into their creativity by highlighting those in and from the South producing work that inspires growth and acceptance. I enjoyed reading her story as well as the several engaging interviews included (especially Erin Napier)! It’s so, so good! And the neutral cover was a nice surprise to find under the book jacket.

All of the books above can be found on Amazon and would make fabulous last minute gift ideas!

Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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