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Urban Decay Backtalk Eye & Face Palette

Out of all the newer Spring makeup releases I’ve seen lately (there are a TON by the way), I was most excited for this! The Urban Decay Afterglow blushes are some of my favorites so I was excited to see them come out with 4 new blush/highlight shades and a monochromatic palette of cooler-toned rose & berry eyeshadow shades inspired by their number 1 selling Vice Lipstick; Backtalk!



The packaging for this is pretty & different (UD is notorious for keeping things fun & interesting). A little bulky, but you’re essentially getting a face palette and an eye palette so it’s justified. The mirror in the middle is detachable making it easier to hold or take out when applying the makeup.



3 Sheets ::: pale pink-nude matte

Bare ::: light pink-peach satin

Curve ::: metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter

Attitude ::: metallic red copper

Backtalk ::: soft rosy mauve matte

WTF ::: reddish brown matte

Shade ::: deep fuchsia satin

180 ::: metallic brown red

I really love the tones in this palette. I love the Lorac Unzipped palette and while this isn’t at all a dupe or even the same shades at all, they’re both mauve/rosy shades which are some of my faves. As far as the formula for this, it contains Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System which I believe is the same for their other palettes. I do notice a difference though, this doesn’t feel as soft and velvety as other palettes of theirs that I’ve tried recently. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good and the colors last for hours and blend out very easily, I just think this seems a little drier and took a little more work digging my brush in to get the color payoff I was looking for. I will say that these applied much better on the eyes than they swatched, in my opinion. No fallout, no patchiness, no creasing (I used concealer as a primer). My favorite way to wear this palette; Backtalk as a crease & transition color, Attitude (or Curve) all over the lids and WTF to deepen up the outer V.



Double Take ::: rich mauve with slight shimmer

Low Key ::: pink-peach

Cheap Shot ::: medium pink-nude

Party Foul ::: light pink-nude shimmer

As far as the blushes & highlights go.. they’re all so beautiful and wearable. I didn’t think Cheap Shot would work for my skin tone, it looked a little too dark in the pan, but to my surprise it does! Kind of the same thing when it comes to their Afterglow blushes, some of the shades look super bright and intimidating in the pan but appear much softer and muted once applied. These aren’t overly pigmented, which I prefer in face products (always). It’s so much easier to build up color vs. going in heavy-handed and totally over-doing it which I am guilty of & having to wash my face and start all over again. 😉 I’m not usually a fan of pink-toned highlighters but I do enjoy this one, it doesn’t look too pink once applied, more of a soft, subtle glow. I was never one to use highlighters regularly but have been getting into them more and more. Double take is my favorite of the 2 for blush, and Party Foul is my kind of highlight!



FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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