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Āether Beauty Crystal Charged Eyeshadow Palette Collection

If there’s one brand that needs to be on your radar this year, it’s Āether Beauty. I knew the minute I saw their first release that this brand was going to make waves in the beauty industry in ways we’ve never seen. They are the first ever brand to create zero-waste fully recyclable eyeshadow palettes formulated with fair-trade & organic ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free.

Āether Beauty’s founder, Tiila Abbitt spent 7 years in product development for Sephora and saw first hand the lack of clean beauty options and created a brand focused on using the highest quality ingredients available and made sustainability a priority. Each of their 3 palettes are now available at all Sephora stores as part of their #CleanAtSephora campaign which just increased their banned ingredient list from 13 to 50! Āether bans over 1300 chemicals and uses only non-toxic synthetic ingredients combined with plants.

I’ve tried all three palettes and can honestly say that if I had to get rid of all of my other eyeshadows and keep only these, I’d be completely satisfied. The original Rose Quartz Palette is my favorite ever, I reach for this over ANY other palette I own. I was so excited to try out their newest launch, the Summer Solstice Palette. The formula for all three is so, so good – smooth, easily buildable, high quality and most importantly, CLEAN! 

.:. Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette .:. 

Startdust .:. Light pink shimmer

Sandtone .:. Neutral matte

Heartstone .:. Rose pink shimmer

Rose Quartz .:. Antique rose metallic

Reawakening .:. Pink to gold duo-chrome

Divine .:. Pink to peach duo-chrome

Astarte .:. Lavender to silver blue duo-chrome

Aura .:. Maroon to blue purple duo-chrome

Scorpio .:. Rose brown matte

Crystaline .:. Antique champagne metallic

Aphrodite .:. Violet gray matte

Grounding .:. Charcoal matte

.:. Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette .:. 

Diamond .:. Sand shimmer, infused with diamond 

Vibration  .:. Taupe metallic, infused with topaz

Amber .:. Golden sunset metallic, infused with amber

Energy .:. Rust metallic, infused with amber

Amethyst .:. Violet shimmer, infused with amethyst

Sapphire .:. Teal shimmer, infused with sapphire

Intuition .:. Saddle brown shimmer infused with topaz

Tourmaline .:. Rust red to emerald green duo-chrome, infused with tourmaline

Moonlight .:. White silver metallic, infused with diamond

Recharge .:. Charcoal gray metallic, infused with topaz

Topaz .:. Antique gold metallic, infused with topaz

Manifest .:. Bronze shimmer, infused with topaz

.:. Summer Solstice Palette .:.

Citrine .:. Light Sand shimmer, infused with topaz

New Moon .:. Sandstone matte, infused with topaz

Sol .:. Apricot matte, infused with infused with amber

Solar Eclipse .:. Peach metallic, infused with topaz

Ruby .:. Pink Ginger metallic, infused with ruby

Amber .:. Golden metallic, infused with amber

Midsummer .:. Golden Saddle Brown satin infused with amber

Solstice .:. Pink Quartz to Golden Brown duo-chrome, infused with amber

Balance .:. Sienna matte, infused with  amber

Energy .:. Rust metallic, infused with amber

Intrinsic .:. Red Brown metallic, infused wit ruby

Sistere .:. Milk Chocolate matte, infused with ruby

I love the consistency in quality across the entire collection, the everyday wearable color stories with just enough color to add dimension and the uniqueness of these palettes. Whether you buy them all or choose just one, you won’t be disappointed. I cant wait to to see what Āether has in store for us next!


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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