Newborn Essentials!

Less than a week away, I can’t believe its time! It’s kind of crazy how sometimes it feels like it was the longest pregnancy ever, and others it seems like time flew by. Either way, the end is here and I am SO ready. I was originally going to write about winter baby essentials but since we’re just a few weeks away from spring, I decided to only add a few items that cater to winter babies. 🙂

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1. Ella’s Wool / Llama Wool Jumpsuit – Super soft, super cozy, made from the finest fair-trade llama wool from the Andes Mountains. Why choose wool? It’s a natural fabric that is warm, breathable & water repellant that will definitely keep your baby warm & comfortable on these brisk cold days. Wool’s self regulating properties make it ideal to wear all year around, keeping your baby warm in the winter & cool in the summer!

2. Beba Bean / Bamboo Sacque & Bamboo Hat – I used these kimono style outfits often with my first baby.  They make it SO convenient for diaper changes! It’s made of bamboo & cotton, it’s soft and the matching hat will keep the babies body temperature regulated. Bamboo is much like wool, keeping the baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3. Baby Aspen / “My little night owl” Hooded Terry Spa Robe – This robe is size 0-9 months so you will definitely get a ton of use out of it! Whether your baby likes bath time or not, they’re sure to like the warm, cozy feeling of being wrapped in this robe after. They have a huge selection of not only adorable bathrobes, but outfits, bibs, blankets, you name it, they have it! Stay tuned a little longer as I will be hosting a giveaway of one of Baby Aspen’s adorable robes! 🙂

4. Danish Woolen Delight / LANACare Baby Suit in Organic Merino Wool – Clearly, you guys are starting to see my obsession with wool.  Seriously though, this is my first time having a baby in the winter, and their seems to be so much more to worry about. Or maybe I’m just a paranoid mom. 😉 It’s really cold here in New Jersey, and I don’t want to worry if my baby is cold, I’m trying to avoid any colds/sicknesses at all costs. And by putting him in soft merino wool, I can rest assured that he will be warm and cozy and his body temperature will be just where it needs to be. This is definitely going in our hospital bag to put on him over his outfit for our ride home.


Little Twig / Baby Basics Gift Set – I am so glad over the past few years I’ve become more educated & aware of all of the chemicals included in our everyday skincare items. I will not be putting anything that is not natural/organic, safe & healthy on my baby’s skin. This set is all natural and contains baby powder, wash, lotion & a soft washcloth. All of the essentials right in one set!


Comotomo / Baby Bottle – I’ll be completely honest, I was SO excited when I received these in the mail last week! I’ve been ready for this baby for the past 3 weeks or so and the only thing I had yet to buy/decide on was what brand of baby bottles I wanted to use. After a lot of research and my sister-in-law’s positive review, I decided on Comotomo! It’s supposed to be the “closest thing to mom” for when you’re done breastfeeding or for babies who aren’t breastfed. The material is really different, it’s made of 100% medical grade hygienic silicone, it’s soft and you can easily squeeze it. And my favorite part about it, there are very few parts to it and it has a really wide neck making it so easy to clean! SOLD.


Covered Goods / Nursing Cover – Whether you choose to nurse your baby or not, this is a must have! It’s a multi-purpose nursing cover that can be used as a car seat cover or even as a scarf after you’ve outgrown its original purpose. I am most definitely using this as a car seat cover not only during the colder months but once it’s warmer as well! It’s actually already on my car seat and all ready to go. It will keep the wind away and the sun off of your baby as well as the people who feel the need to put their hands in the baby’s car seat! My pet peeve.. excellent solution! Love their styles and they’re super affordable.

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Swell Forever / The Wilder Forever Baby Blanket – This is the sweetest baby blanket ever. I am obsessed with personalized baby items that eventually turn into family heirlooms. Not only do I love this blanket because it is one of a kind, but I love the purpose behind it. Swell Forever’s founder Brooke started her company with a mission to help create a “happily ever after” life for the 100,000+ children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. Which is something that I’m sure resonates with all of us (especially those with kids). A unique blanket that can be monogrammed and even includes a sweet personalized message on the tag. A very personal gift that supports a great cause, what’s not to love?

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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