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How to FAKE a Sun-Kissed Glow <3


With summer right around the corner, not only am I working on getting into shape, but getting my skin to look perfectly tanned & glowing and ready for tank top, shorts & bathing suit season! I’m not into going to tanning salons, it causes way too much damage to our skin and the long-term effects just aren’t worth the risk. I’ve found a few products that will give you the same results (if not better) without using any harmful UV rays. THIS is how I FAKE my sun-kissed glow! I forgot to take before & after pictures, so check out my Instagram soon to see some! 🙂


Vita Liberata – pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse 

Certified organic, no odor, no staining, super easy to apply (I use their tanning mitt), dries fast & lasts weeks! It was a 2014 beauty awards winner in Natural Health Magazine with good reason. I use the medium shade for a natural bronze tan. It gives instant results and is easily half the price of a tanning salon monthly membership. I didn’t find it to be streaky at all, but I would recommend working fast since it dries so quickly. I showered & exfoliated my skin first than applied it twice in one day about 10-12 hours apart to achieve the color I wanted. This wasn’t my first time trying a self-tanner but I’ve had the best results from Vita Liberata over other brands I’ve used in the past. This is definitely my #1 choice! If you are looking for natural, even, fast results that don’t look orange or fake, this is for you.


Eco Tan – Organic Invisible Tan

This is actually an Australian based company whose start-up story is both touching and inspiring (thousands of hours of researching & formulating were put into creating this product!) I was drawn to them for two great reasons. One, it’s organic (who doesn’t love natural/organic skincare) and two, it’s meant to be applied before you go to bed for your tan to develop overnight while you’re sleeping and doesn’t stain your sheets! This is best suited for medium to olive skin tones and only one application is needed for glowing skin. The lotion goes on white so you can easily see where you’ve applied it. Just make sure you really massage it into your skin so the color sets in. I made the mistake the first time of not doing so and woke up the next day with streaks that showed exactly where I slacked on, lesson learned! The bottle says it’s good for 5 tans, which seems about right depending on how much product you use. This also works best applied after showering & exfoliating your skin. I use a mitt while applying this as well so my hands don’t have excess product and look uneven. Some of the ingredients include, cacao, herbs, flower extract, fruit extract & chamomile. Combined they create a great, natural tan that is suitable for any skin type.


Gleam by Melanie Mills – Body Radiance, Lip Radiance & Radiant Dust

Melanie Mills is one of Hollywood’s style makers, beauty consultants and is an expert makeup artist. Gleam Body Radiance helps hide skin imperfections & improves overall skin texture. She created it to help even out blotchy spray tans & moisturize skin. It’s serves three purposes, as makeup, a moisturizer and glow for both your body & face. This is the perfect addition to already tanned skin for extra shimmer & bronze. I love the Rose Gold color! I love using the Radiant Dust loose powder as both a highlighter (rose gold) & bronzer (bronze gold) for my face, it blends really well and doesn’t look “caked on” or overdone. I also use the Lip Radiance glosses, they’re infused with natural botanicals and come in 7 beautiful shades. They are VERY pigmented and the color lasts hours. I always tend to lean towards natural colors, so I chose Naked & Pop my Cork.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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