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Smashbox x Casey Holmes Spotlight Palettes – Worth the Hype?!

It’s pretty common nowadays for a popular beauty-influencer to collaborate with a mega beauty brand. And as far as the highlighting technique goes, it’s pretty much the norm for daily makeup. As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE the look of that lit-from-within glow during the spring & summer months. These palettes are as gorgeous as they are wearable. And, although the mass makeup market doesn’t have a shortage on highlight and strobing kits, this one stood out to me because YouTube beauty guru Casey Holmes worked with Smashbox to design a product that delivers a beautiful glow without accentuating pores/textured skin, which I know I along with many others, can totally appreciate.


The palettes come in two shade ranges: Pearl and Gold which each feature 3 highlighters: turn it on, crank it up, and blow a fuse. The shades range from more subtle everyday colors to BAM in-your-face I’m here to make a statement colors. πŸ˜‰ BUT, of course, any of them can really be every day colors depending on how much you apply and how intense you want your highlight to look. While I like both palettes, I tend to lean more towards the Pearl palette. The colors are lighter and appeal more to me and match with my skin tone better. While the gold palette is better suited for medium to deeper skin tones. I like to mix up the shades and create my own custom color and always start out by a applying a little at a time and building up the product until I get just the right amount of color payoff.

Gold Palette Shades:
Β· Turn It On (shimmer warm beige) // 0.1 oz
Β· Crank It up (shimmer warm nude) // 0.1 oz
Β· Blow a Fuse (sparkle golden brown) //0.1 oz


Pearl Palette Shades:
Β· Turn It On (shimmer neutral yellow) // 0.1 oz
Β· Crank It up (shimmer neutral pink) // 0.1 oz
Β· Blow a Fuse (sparkle neutral pink) // 0.1 oz



I find that the formula is very smooth and buttery and applies effortlessly. They last hours of my skin and I truly think she did a good job on designing a formula that is suitable for us oily skin girls. As someone with combination skin (oily T zone) and textured skin, I most definitely can relate to having several highlighters that just don’t work with my skin type. As much as I love my ABH glow kit, I can only use the tiniest amount and have to be mindful of where I’m applying it to avoid it accentuating all of my pores and then some. I can apply these more liberally and don’t feel like I look like a disco ball with huge pores..haha. I think that Casey & Smashbox did a beautiful job at catering to a majority of women who are not always kept in mind in the makeup industry and think these deserve all the hype + more!



FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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