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Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

After just replacing my (not that old) hair straightener, I was reminded of how much I love my hair dryer, the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000. It even sounds fancy. 😉 The brand, quality, performance.. it’s basically the Rolls Royce of blow dryers. I’ve had this for 2-3 years now and can attest that it works just as great as it did on day one.


Before this, I had a really inexpensive drug store blow dryer (not hating, it did it’s job!). And, if you’re anything like I was you’re probably wondering what the big deal about this is and why is it so expensive?! Firstly, this dryer has cut drying time in half and actually motivates me to put the time & effort into styling my hair on a daily basis. I am 100% all about time saving efficient products. Second, this thing tames frizz like no other. Who wants to put the time & effort into styling their hair only to have the end result a big fluffy ball of frizz. Nope! And last, this may vary depending on different products you apply to your hair but my hair just seems so much shinier. Like noticeably so. A few stand out features are that this blows air at 80+ mph and contains a “cold shot” button to set your style.


A little background on the creator Harry Josh: After years of providing services to models and industry professionals, he caught the attention of Vogue, providing him expert credibility and making him one of the most sought-after editorial stylists in the world who works with a wide range of A-list celebs. His passion as well as in-depth experience led him to create his own line of advanced styling tools. Which is well loved by the pro’s and average consumers alike. I am obsessed with this dryer and one day I plan to have all of my hair tools and brushes swapped out for the infamous mint green Harry Josh Pro Tools Collection! Xo.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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