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Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Glosses

Another really, really cool new release from Urban Decay. I’m hoping that lip gloss is making a strong comeback and we see a lot more of them instead of the overly saturated liquid lipstick trend. Not against a liquid lip, but I’ve always preferred a good lip gloss over anything else. All the way back to my Nars Turkish Delight & NYX Kim days. So I was really excited to see Urban Decay release an extensive line of ultra shiny, plumping glosses in a big variety of colors.


The Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Glosses are infused with vitamin E and peppermint oil leaving lips nourished and hydrated with an instant plumping effect. They come in four different finishes; metallic, holographic, cream and sheer cream and contain a range of 20 shades in bold brights, soft neutrals and everything in-between. And the packaging – super edgy and unique, but would you expect anything less from UD?!



One of my favorite things I love about lip gloss is how easy it is to wear. No lipliner, or carefully detailed application needed. These glide right on, aren’t sticky in the least and are rich in pigment and offer even coverage in a breeze. They’re vanilla-mint flavored and smell really good, and not in a toothpaste kind of way! 😉 These glosses aren’t heavy at all but they are the type of gloss that feel “present” as in they won’t soak in and disappear, your lips will glide together throughout wear and the texture is really smooth. The plumping is gentle and only slightly tingly. The end result is very subtle, so don’t expect to look like Kylie Jenner after using these!



As far as wear time goes, I get 3 or so hours tops. I stick with the lighter, “nude” shades and don’t mind touching up every few hours. Might I add that these neutral shades above are VERY flattering and go with ANY makeup you pair them with. They’re the perfect “your lips but better” shades. I love a pink/nude lip, it’s always been my go-to. These definitely fit the bill.


Definitely check out Backtalk, Fuel, Naked, Obsessed, Rapture and Midnight Cowgirl if your a neutral lips kind of girl. Or if you like brights, Savage, Bang, Snitch and Jawbreaker are all a bold & beautiful way to make a statement! Xo. //


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Glosses

  1. Wow you’ve got an impressive collection from the range! I love the shade Backtalk in their Vice Lipstick range, so I’d probably pick that up in gloss form once these arrive in Australia. Thank you for the thorough review! 🙂

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