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Pixi Pretties Collaborations – Dulce Candy, Chloe Morello + Weylie Hoang

A year after the original “Pixi Pretties” collaborations launched, they’ve teamed up with several different YouTube beauty influencers to release all new products! The latest launches are in collaboration with Dulce Candy, Chloe Morello & Weylie Hoang.


To be totally honest, I enjoy Pixi’s skincare more than I do their makeup. It can be hit or miss in my opinion. I really didn’t like one of their holiday palettes from last year.. it was a total flop for me, but their It’s Judy Time palette is one of my favorite affordable palettes I have. So, like with every other brand, not every product can be a total hit, and thats okay. With this collection there are both some hits & misses.



Palette Chloette // $24 ::: Chloe Morello’s palette stood out to me the most. Neutral eyeshadows & soft pink blushes are totally my thing. In addition to 3 beautiful blushes, there are 3 eyeshadow duo’s containing all shimmer shades (that can also double as highlighters) and a trio of matte shades meant for brows, liner or to contour. I love the blushes. The shades are so pretty and wearable, nothing overly pigmented or bright (I HATE bright blushes)! The eyeshadows are okay.. not as pigmented as I’d like but they’re buildable. There’s also not a big variance in shades, once applied most of them all start to look the same. My biggest issue is with the matte shades. They’re kind of patchy and take a lot of time to build the pigment evenly. I wish there were a few more mattes, but I think she did a good job of making this a complete face palette that isn’t huge, over the top or bulky. She also created a “lip icing” gloss that is beautiful on it’s own or layered on top of other lip products.



Cafe Con Dulce // $24 ::: This is my favorite of the four palettes. I love that she designed a universal palette that works for your face AND your eyes. And for $24 this is really affordable for the amount of product included in each pan. This is ideal for every skin tone, as there is a shade for everyone to highlight with. For the shades that don’t work as a highlight for you specifically, they make awesome foiled eyeshadows. It’s a powder to cream consistency and these are SUPER pigmented and intense. Dulce also created a lip palette as part of her collection. I’m not the biggest fan of lip palettes, mainly because I prefer lipgloss and just don’t find a big palette that convenient. However, she did include a nice range of shades and if you’re in the market for this kind of product, it’s well worth the money since you’re getting 9 different shades for only $24!


Dimensional Eye Creator Palette // $20 ::: Weylie’s palette is another everyday neutral palette that appeals to the majority of us. It’s also the idea size if you travel a lot or even for just throwing in your purse for makeup on-the-go. After all, there is no such thing as too many neutral palettes.. is there? Nope! It also includes a dual-ended black kohl pencil + liquid eyeliner.


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FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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