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KvD Vegan Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette

News dropped earlier this week that Kat Von D sold her entire stake in “Kat Von D Beauty” now KvD Vegan Beauty and is no longer involved with the company. Although there’s been a ton of conversation (drama) surrounding the brand for a while, I was still kind of shocked. I have used and loved so many products of theirs for years and have high hopes that they will continue to use the same formulas and innovative ideas and packaging moving forward. This beautiful Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette came out a few months ago (I got it in October 🤦🏻‍♀️) and is still worthy of talking about now. Plus – I live by the phrase “better late than never”.

I mentioned in my “Best Makeup in 2019” post that I was really selective in what I kept in my makeup collection all of last year, and plan to continue that this year as well. I kept only products that I really love and use consistently and this palette for sure made the cut. I think we all can agree that the amount of eyeshadow palettes dropping weekly can be somewhat overwhelming. Really, it’s TOO much. A lot of them start to look the same and it’s hard to find something unique, that truly stands out.

This caught my attention right away. The color story is beautiful for sure, the selection of textures they chose to include is what really caught my eye. It includes 18 romantic shades inspired by their best-selling shade Lolita in matte, foil, shimmer and glitter finishes. As I’ve come to expect from KvD, the formula is highly pigmented, very easy to work with, they blend out so easily and they wear very well. I really enjoy their palettes and their quality stays consistent throughout. And although I prefer cooler tones over warm, I think some of these shades have enough of a neutral tone that this palette doesn’t lean overly warm. Plus I am here for the sultry mauves, pinks and intensely shimmery shades. The foil shades Dulces Sueños and Luna are SO richly pigmented and feel like cream based shadows but wear like powders; no creasing, no fading. They might be the standout shades in this entire palette, of course, in addition to this super sparkly glitter shade Reina. While this probably would apply best over a glitter glue, dabbing it on your eyelid with your fingertip works just as well as long as you slowly build it up to avoid excess fallout. There really wasn’t a dud at all in this palette in my opinion.

While I will always love the original OG Shade + Light Eyeshadow Palette and various releases in-between, the Lolita Por Vida has become my most reached for of them all. I love the flattering, versatile, romantic color story and how many color combinations you can create in this palette. Two thumbs up from me, and I am VERY excited to see what this brand has in store for us in 2020!


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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