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Āether Beauty Amber Crystal Charged Cheek Palette

The newest addition to the Āether Beauty cheek collection has arrived: the Amber Crystal Charged Cheek Palette! The pigments are crystal charged and infused with amber to help improve skins natural glow, organic rose hip oil to hydrate and jojoba seed oil for its anti-inflammatory properties. This. Is. Beautiful.


  • Courage: Luminous Champagne Golden Highlighter
  • Balance: Peachy-Pink Matte
  • Manifestation: Coral Matte

The pigments are long wearing and the formula is very blendable and this will last on the cheeks for hours on end even with a cloth mask rubbing on your skin. In comparison to the other two Crystal Charged Cheek Palettes, I prefer this highlighter the most. I love the golden champagne undertone and how smooth it applies and blends into the cheeks. I’ve also used this highlighter as an eyeshadow for a really quick and easy eye look. While I LOVE the blush shade Balance from the Amber palette, I still love the shade Compassion from the Rose Quartz palette the most. They’re very similar in tone and both described as peachy pink blushes, Compassion pulls a little bit more neutral/nude while Balance has a more noticeable pink tone. I also think this palette would suit any skin tone as the shades are so easy to apply and can definitely easily be built up to your desired intensity.

I feel it’s important to mention in every post I write regarding Āether Beauty that ALL of their products are fully recyclable, formulated with fair-trade, organic ingredients and are vegan & cruelty-free. I have supported this brand since their very first launch in 2018 and love that it’s a one woman show pouring her heart into her brand while putting ethical values first and not compromising on quality.


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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