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Amazon Favorites!

As I’m sure many of you can relate – I’ve spent most of my time over the last few months at home. A lot of that time was spent scouring the internet for things I needed for my new house and things I totally didn’t need but looked cool and worth trying out (who else is guilty of this?! Ha!). I saw Amazon favorites lists on almost every social media outlet and was interested in creating my own! Also – I noticed that a lot of stores/websites have longer than average shipping delays due to covid but haven’t had any issues with getting things from Amazon in a timely manner. Here’s a run down of some of my favorite Amazon finds and things I’ve used & loved over the last few months:

Relax Spa & Bath • Escape Therapy Bath Crystal Collection ::: If there is one thing I can never have enough of, its bath products. There is no such thing as too much! These are all-natural, vitamin infused aromatherapy bath crystals and are great for stress-relief, to soothe aches & pains or add to a detox bath. My favorite scent is the Verbena Lime Coconut. It smells like a tropical vacation + a pina colada in a bottle.. it’s amazing! // www.relaxspaandbath.com

Bath Haven • QuiltedAir BathBed Deluxe ::: If this isn’t solid proof that I’m committed to baths, I don’t know what is! This is a full body bath cushion that supports your head, neck and back. It’s super comfy and comes with a mesh washing bag making it a breeze to clean. This, bath salts + a jetted tub = heaven. // www.bathhaven.com

Luna • Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket ::: I was intrigued by this because it’s thermo-regulating to keep you cool, made with bamboo fiber, is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. I had a weighted blanket a few years ago that I never used, not the case with this one. It’s perfect for summer as it truly keeps you cool while still reaping the benefits of the added weight and it’s so, so cozy. // www.lunablanket.com

Luna Lifestyle • Aromatherapy Sprays ::: These are a must for spa-days at home. They come in 3 different scents; lavender for relaxation, bergamot & patchouli for stress relief and citrus & eucalyptus for energy. My favorite is the Stress & Anxiety Reliefblend as it triggers your body to release serotonin & dopamine to ease stress and help you feel calmer. I love spraying this on my sheets for a calm nights rest or directly on my muscles to help relieve aches. // www.lunalifestyle.com

NatraCure • Intense Hydrating Gel Booties ::: Who else neglects their feet when it comes to self care?! This was my first time using anything of this type and love how soothing these are. The socks warm to your body temperature and release a unique combination of nourishing essential oils. They’re great to slip on after a bath and even better to sleep in to wake up with intensely hydrate // http://www.natracure.com

Medify • MA-40W Air Purifier ::: As a pet owner and someone with an immediate family member with COPD, this has made all the difference. The air in my home is noticeably cleaner, fresher and easier to breathe in. It uses a medical grade H13 True HEPA filter and removes 99.9% of airborne particles. The carbon filter helps remove toxic odors, smoke and formaldehyde. This truly is one of the best additions to my home and helps put my mind at ease during this pandemic. I spend hours and hours a week cleaning and now I can rest assured the air quality is up to par and my family is not inhaling any toxic chemicals. If you have allergies, respiratory issues, pets or just hate post-cooking odors, you will 1000% appreciate this. // www.medifyair.com

Breo • iSee4 Eye Massager & Wowos Hand Massager ::: I’ve acquired quite a few massagers over the years and was intrigued to find two that were completely new to me, an eye massager & a hand massager. I came across the eye massager first when searching for headache remedies and was immediately interested. The iSee4 massager uses microprocessor controlled massage elements (air pressure, vibration, heat compression & kneading technology) to stimulate acupoints around the eyes & temples. Not only is this an great option for natural migraine relief it also works for dry eye, eye strain relief and just an overall sense of relaxation. If you want to amp up your relaxation routine to another level, add the WOWOS hand massager. It combines air pressure & heat compression to stimulate acupoints with intense pressure and a consistent rhythm. This was designed with acupressure techniques to provide powerful pain relief. If you’re someone who uses your hands all day every day (who doesn’t fit into this category anyway?!) this will help with any soreness and stiffness while increasing circulation & joint mobility. Check! Now I’m going to see what other massagers I should add to my arsenal of wellness products. // us.breo.com

Lifepro • Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun ::: I wish this was around back when I played soccer! Although this makes a great pre-workout and post-recovery tool, it’s also great for a general targeted massage for achy muscles for any lifestyle. It helps boost mobility and flexibility through trigger point massage therapy with the option to use 5 levels of intensity & 5 different massage heads to target different muscle groups. It’s essentially a portable self professional massage tool that will massage any and every area of the body. Whether you have a sore neck, back, legs, arms, shoulders, you name it, this has you covered. // http://www.lifeprofitness.com

Mexican Imports • Baguette Dough Bowl ::: This comes in two sizes small (5-6” wide by 17-20” long) and large (5-6” wide by 39-40” long). Its handmade of solid wood and come in a variety of rustic, distressed colors. Fill it with green moss balls for a really clean, minimalist centerpiece on a table or place it on a mantel as a focal point. // www.mexicanimports.com

Härthwood • Walnut Cutting Board ::: I actually wanted this strictly for decor to add an earthy, organic element to my all white kitchen. This does however come with pure coconut seasoning oil and is ready for use. It looks beautiful displayed against a backsplash and would make a great functional charcuterie board for serving. // http://www.harthwood.com

Kitzini • Mini Artifical Plants ::: I most definitely do NOT have a green thumb and am not good at remembering to care for live plants. Which is why I almost always opt for artificial plants. These come in a set of 3 in two different colors. I have them set on the window sill above my bathtub and love that they require zero maintenance. // www.kitzini.com

Zulay Kitchen • Handheld Milk Frother ::: Remember when everyone was making whipped coffee a few months ago? Yeah, that’s when I realized I needed this. For the most part I just drink chai but when I mix things up and drink coffee or cacao I like to attempt to make it like a fancy drink I’d get at a coffee shop, cue this frother. // www.zulaykitchen.comi

AllSpice • InDrawer Spice Rack ::: One of my favorite kitchen finds in a looooong time. This has streamlined the way I organize my spices and how easily accessible they are while I cook. They come with glass jars, pre-written & blank labels and are the best in-drawer system I could find. I highly, highly recommend this! // www.allspicerack.com

FreshJax • Organic Spices ::: Keeping with the spice theme, I needed to restock on a few staples. FreshJax has a big variety of single ingredient spices in addition to spice blends. I chose a few that I’d get regular use of and thought the Keto Chophouse Steak Seasoning sounded good and have enjoyed using it while grilling this summer. // www.freshjax.com

PinkStork • Wellness & Energy Teas ::: Vitamins & teas that cater to women’s wellness. The energy tea has been my go-to the last few weeks. The refreshing coconut & pineapple flavor and the included vitamins and nutrients are much appreciated from this tired mom. Anything that promises energy is a yes from me. // www.pinkstork.com

Evriholder • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths ::: Between these and another pack of microfiber cloths I previously bought, I think I have a lifetime supply of them! I use these clothes to clean EVERYTHING; counters, windows, Wood, stainless steel and mirrors. I also stumbled across their Cleaning Slippers so you can dust your floors without lifting a finger. // www.evriholder.com

Dash • 3 qt Electric Air Fryer ::: Big enough time cook for a family but small enough to store away in a cabinet. Easy to use and easy to clean. This makes the best fried cauliflower for tacos without any oil or added fat. I have a lot of recipes planned for this. // www.bydash.com

Terra Equip • Biodegradable Eco-friendly Sponges ::: If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know my love for sustainability and eco-friendly products. These sponges are made from all natural fibers and sustainable materials like coconut husk & cellulose (plant pulp). They’re super durable and can be cut up an composted once they’re ready to be replaced. // http://www.terraequipltd.com

Good Cook • Nonstick Bakeware ::: My previous baking sheets were shot from years of use, it was time to replace them with a new set. I use these daily, they are VERY easy to clean. Nothing sticks to them and they still look brand new even after a few months use. // http://www.amazon.com/goodcook

BloqUV • Long Sleeve 24/7 Top ::: A basic, everyday shirt that can be worn anywhere. It contains UPF 50+ sun protection technology, is a stretchy, quick drying fabric and is shrink resistant. It’s ideal for exercising or just lounging around. // http://www.bloquv.com

Voir • Haircare ::: One area I majorly slack in is taking better care of my hair, and styling it regularly. I don’t dye my hair and don’t really use any products at all with the exception of shampoo & conditioner. I just recently cut 9” off after going 14 months without a haircut. Way, way overdue, I know. I’m excited to incorporate the Voir A Walk in The Sun Luxury Hair Oil for added shine & smoothness. It contains jojoba, rosehip & avocado oils, it’s super lightweight and can be used overnight as a deep conditioning hair treatment. Dry shampoo is a savior for saving time and extending any hairstyle. The She’s Like The Wind Dry Shampoo & Conditioner instantly absorbs oil and will help extend your hairstyle an extra day (or 2 depending on your hair type). Ahh – dry shampoo, how did we ever live without it?! // http://www.voirhaircare.com

Sullivans • Small Ceramic Vase Set ::: First off, how cute are these?! They look great as centerpieces, styled on shelves or mantles, with or without anything even in them. I am slowly decorating my house and these were one of the first things I picked up. I’m obsessed. // http://www.sullivanshomedecor.com

Turbo Mops • Microfiber Mop ::: When I saw the 5000+ reviews and that the pads were reusable, I was sold. This works for dusting, sweeping, mopping & scrubbing and can be used on pretty much any solid surface. Thanks to having a dog that sheds constantly, this gets daily use. The pads are washable and compatible with Swiffer, Shark, Bissell products. // www.turbomops.com

Joy Jolt • Serene Double Wall Insulated Glasses ::: Shatter resistant and never hot to the touch. They’re super lightweight and keep coffee hot for longer. They help add to the experience of barista styled coffee at home. And I reach for these mugs more often than I’m proud to admit. There is not such thing as too much caffeine these days. // www.joyjolt.com

MyKirei by Kao • Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner ::: These products are made from plant based ingredients infused with Japanese Tsubaki Extract & Rice Water to nourish, restore & balance. They smell SO, SO good and the packaging is made from 50% less plastic and is fully recyclable which is a huge plus. If you’re looking for hair products that help with shine & softness, you’ll love these. // www.mykirei.com


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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