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Sheets Laundry Club

This is the last week before we start distance learning with my kids (5 & 8). I’m attempting to stay on top of all of my regular chores and anything else I’ve been wanting to do around the house but have been putting off. One thing I can always count on is a basket full of laundry. It’s never ending!

When Covid hit and cleaning supplies (laundry detergent included) were sparse and hard to find, I searched google for online options and came across Sheets Laundry Club. It’s a laundry subscription service aimed at reducing the use of plastic by offering single-use dissolvable detergent “sheets”. It’s cost effective, eco-friendly and contains better, safer ingredients than traditional detergent.

This was my first time trying anything like this and I’m pretty impressed. The box of laundry sheets is good for 50 loads, require zero measuring, contain NO harsh chemicals and dissolve and clean your clothes within seconds.

If you prefer a fresh scent in your laundry (I do!) they sell In-Wash Scent Boosters in 4 different scents. My favorites are Unchartered Waters & Seabreeze. They both add such a pleasant freshness that lasts and the more you add the stronger the scent.

Their plant-based dryer sheets come in 2 selections; Free & Clear that offers no scent or the Vitality Scent which is fragranced with essential oils. I’m a big fan of these. I add 2 to each load, they make my clothes super soft and smell great too!

In addition to all things laundry, they also carry dish soap, body wash, hand soap & shampoo bars. I tried their Handcrafted Soap Bars (sample pack) and love the concentrated scents and all natural ingredients. I’m not sure if it were these or the laundry products, but this box smelled amazing when opening it. I love how cute and artisan the soaps look and one of the scents included is Patchouli, which is my all-time favorite scent, ever. Its a blend of coconut, shea butter and flaxseed oils, patchouli essential oils, juniper, organic tobacco tincture & peppermint leave.

I highly, highly recommend checking out Sheets Laundry Club. They’re incredibly affordable, conveniently shipped to your door, eco-friendly, sustainable, zero plastic, fully recyclable packaging and contain way better for your skin ingredients, making them ideal for EVERYONE even those with sensitive skin. What’s not to love?!


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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