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Kitchen Spice Organization

A year or so ago I refilled an old wooden spice box with new spices, created janky paper labels (literally white lined paper in various sizes secured with scotch tape – lol) and called it organized. While it served its purpose, the box was bulky and didn’t hold enough spices and took up way too much room in my cabinets, and I wanted a better solution.

I came across this InDrawer Spice Storage System from AllSpice on Amazon and loved the simple, streamlined look. They also sell countertop wooden spice racks but I really wanted my spices tucked away yet still easily accessible while cooking. I’m still working on adding to my spice collection but am happy with the progress I’ve made so far and am debating on whether I should alphabetize them while I’m at it.. too OCD?! 😆

I love that they make coordinating pre-made written labels but also have blank ones if needed. This whole system really makes organizing a breeze and has transformed how I store some of my most basic kitchen essentials.

http://www.allspicerack.com // http://www.amazon.com

11 thoughts on “Kitchen Spice Organization

  1. These ones look really great. As a person who loves organizing, I’m always looking for new ways to not only get my space in order but also make it look beautiful and somehow classy.

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