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Healthy Snack & Drink Ideas

With the new year just beginning, its common to make weight loss resolutions and attempt a healthier lifestyle (definitely speaking for myself). Finding snacks & drinks that are healthy and actually taste good make “dieting” or watching what you eat a breeze. Listed below are foods I’ve been enjoying over the last month that are healthier options when you’re in the mood to snack (or cook) but don’t want to eat overly processed, high calorie junk!

ReNude • Chagacinno ::: A super boost to traditional coffee that adds a healthy dose of adaptogens to support immunity, promote anti-aging and boost energy. The ingredients are: wild foraged chaga, organic cacao, organic Ceylon cinnamon & monk fruit. A stress relieving latte that boosts immunity.. what more could you ask for?! //

Sweet Nothings • Spoonable Smoothies ::: Healthy enough for breakfast and delicious enough for dessert. These single serve smoothie cups are made of only organic fruits, nuts & seeds. They’re conveniently packaged and are a no-fuss way to have your kids (or yourself!) select a healthier breakfast or snack alternative. They come in 6 flavors: strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate, blueberry beet, rise coffee and tropical greens. Don’t ask me to choose a favorite, I love them all! I’m a big fan of these! //

Sfoglini • Pasta ::: Made from the finest organic golden semolina & specialty grains. You can taste the difference between Sfoglini and mass produced store bought pasta. Beet Fusilli combines fresh cold beet juice with organic durum semolina. Whole Grain Radiators contains higher protein levels and nutritional benefits. My favorite are the Trumpets, whether you toss it with a thick & creamy sauce, or something light with vegetables, this pasta is absolutely delicious! They also offer a variety of seasonal & speciality pastas like Basil Reginetti, Mint Radiators & Porcini Trumpets. With recipe modifications and portion control, pasta doesn’t have to be a carb-filled indulgence. //

Papa’s Pops • Skinless Popcorn ::: An innovative popping process done by adding a tiny droplet of water to the skin (hull) and heating it, the pressure makes the kernel explode into a traditional popcorn then they are able to remove the hull creating a new form of skinless popcorn. It comes in 6 flavors: Sweet & Salty (my fave!), Honey Mustard & Onion, Sweet Cinnamon, Creamy Ranch, White Cheddar & Smokin BBQ. I remember when I did WW years ago, popcorn was always one of my go-to snacks. AND they’re kid approved, my boys LOVE this popcorn! //

Top Seedz • Crackers ::: Created with the motto “good, natural ingredients make you feel good, naturally.” They offer several different flavors as well as seeds and these are the kind of crackers that taste so good topped with cheese, a fruit spread or even sliced apples, but in my opinion, even better on their own. The 6-Seed Crackers are a combination of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, arrowroot, olive oil & sea salt. They’re vegan, gluten free, grain free, guilt-free and are the perfect savory snack. //

Citrus House • Sparkling Water ::: One of the easiest ways to cut calories from your diet is to cut out sugary loaded drinks. These sparkling waters are made from real organic juice and only contain 15-20 calories per bottle with no added sugar. They come in 4 flavors, my favorite is the Organic Blood Orange – each flavor tastes fresh and bold and they source all of their citrus from Italy! //

Mother Raw • Dressings & Marinades ::: Nutrient-rich and free of preservatives. Their products are cold-blended, never heated and plant-powered. The only way I can get excited over a salad is with a really GOOD dressing! Italian dressing is always my #1 choice but I thought the Mediterranean Dressing was a unique way to switch things up – sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, garlic, herbs & 100% cold-pressed EVOO. Great as a dip, served with vegetables, or to spice up an otherwise boring salad. //

Ekoa • Fruit Bars ::: High fiber, plant based and only 100-150 calories per bar. These are one of the most convenient snacks to take along anywhere you go. They contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavorings or colors, and all contain 3 ingredients or less! My favorite is their Banana bar – it’s only ingredient is dried banana, it’s high in potassium, is paleo & gluten free and contains just enough sweetness to help you avoid reaching for a sugary snack. //

Blender Bombs • Original Bomb ::: I thought this was a really cool concept as I drink smoothies for lunch almost daily. Packed with superfood ingredients, one of these added to a smoothie will have you feeling full for hours. They are made of almonds, organic dates, pecans, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, organic honey, aloe Vera, vinegar, bee pollen, sea salt, cinnamon & pure vanilla extract. The taste is subtle and these can be added to ANY smoothie for extra nutrients. //

McClure’s • Pickles ::: These were a big hit in my house, my kids love pickles! Their flavor offerings: garlic & dill, sweet & spicy, bread & butter and spicy. Garlic & Dill is definitely my favorite, but the sweet & spicy packs a punch. Pickles are a flavorful, healthy snack and the leftover brine makes for a great marinade for chicken. McClure’s also makes relish, sauerkraut and pickle flavored chips (they are sooo good!). //

Mid-Day Squares • Superfood Squares ::: If you have a sweet tooth and can’t give up chocolate (me), you will LOVE these. Each pack contains 2 bars that are made from real chocolate, contain 8 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein and are organic & plant based. The Busta Peanut flavor is definitely my favorite, it’s like eating a Reese’s PB cup, but healthier and will satisfy your sugar craving. I am obsessed. //

Sweet Logic • Mug Cakes ::: Most of the flavors require you to add only water, and can be heated in the microwave and ready in just 1 minute! They’re naturally flavored with allulose & stevia, dairy & gluten free and a great after dinner dessert option that doesn’t require any baking and isn’t loaded with sugar. They also offer full size cake mixes and keto sweeteners to make baking keto desserts a breeze. //

MiCacao • Organic Cacao Tea ::: Tea is part of my nightly ritual, even more so appreciated during winter. Single origin tea made in small batches and harvested in Ecuador. Organic, sugar-free, gluten free & vegan. It has a subtle chocolate flavor and is packed with antioxidants. Steep the tea in hot water and add a splash of cream & stevia for a healthy alternative to coffee. Cacao is high in iron, magnesium, zinc and contains theobromine which increases feelings of well-being. //

Baja Jerky • Beef Jerky ::: All-natural, nitrate free beef jerky. It comes in 5 flavors: traditional, salsa fresca, lime & serrano pepper, sweet orange & churro. They’re all SO delicious but if I had to choose a favorite it’d be the Sweet Orange, an unexpected twist on classic beef jerky. It’s the perfect combination of sweet & savory with a tiny hint of spice. Their jerky is tender and packed with flavor and hard to put down once you start snacking on it. //

Pique Tea ::: A new take on classic tea – Pique uses the freshest and rarest super plants extracted via cold brew crystallization to preserve active compounds at maximum potential. They offer tea selections for gut-health, calm energy, immune support & healthy digestion. The Hibiscus Beauty Elixir is naturally high in vitamin C, supports cellular health and is so refreshing & delicious. //

Core & Rind • Cashew Cheesy Sauces ::: Plant based & dairy free cheesy sauces. Perfect if you’re vegan or even if you’re just looking to cut dairy from your diet but can’t live without cheese (guilty!) These come in 3 different flavors: Bold & Spicy, Rich & Smoky and Sharp & Tangy and are paleo, Whole30 and keto friendly. These taste great drizzled on nachos, tacos, pasta, pizza, soup, you name it. They can be used as a dip, sauce or condiment and add a lot of flavor to any dish they’re added to! //

Natreve • Keto Collagen Protein Powder ::: The newest addition to my meal replacement smoothies. This tub is massive. The powder contains sustainably sourced pure marine collagen, 100% grass-fed, hormone free whey isolate & probiotics. It comes in two flavors: French Vanilla Wafer Sundae & Fudge brownie and can be mixed in with water to drink on its own or added into a smoothie for added health benefits. Mix this with ice, almond milk & your favorite fruit & greens for an antioxidant and collagen packed smoothie. //

Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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