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MAC Semi-Sweet Times Nine Palette

Does anyone else hold a special place in their heart for MAC?! That sounds so extra, but I remember back in high school saving up my money from my minimum wage job (which was even less back then!) to purchase one MAC eyeshadow and their Mineralize Skinfinish pressed powder. It’s funny, but sometimes it really is all about the little things in life!  πŸ™‚


To be totally honest, I haven’t bought anything from MAC in probably 5 years or so just because there are SOOO many awesome brands with different products, I’m always into trying new things. So when I saw this cute little Semi-Sweet Times Nine palette pop up on Octoly, I was super excited! It’s not a new launch, I think it’s been out for a little less than a year or so, but it was new to me and brought back a little high school nostalgia.


Although this palette is palm sized & tiny it contains everything you need to create an array of different looks whether it be subtle or smokey. It only contains .8g of product and is costs $32 so it’s not a steal of a deal but it’s not as costly as some of the newer $65+ palettes I’ve seen come out lately. This contains 9 all matte muted, cool-toned, everyday wearable neutral shades. The more I use all-matte palettes the more I realize how much I love them and that they’re definitely my thing. I like every shade in this palette with the shades Drawing a Blanc and Carbon being my least used and Outre & Pink Sienna being my favorites.


MACS formula isn’t super powdery or overly soft, but it’s easily buildable & blendable. This is a great muted down option if you love neutral toned eyeshadows but are bored of seeing the same colors in multiple palettes. I personally don’t think these need a primer (I usually just apply a dab of concealer on my eyelids) and they last probably 7-8 hours before I notice the product start to slightly fade. Even though this isn’t a new launch, they’re amazing quality (wouldn’t expect any less from MAC) and an all-around great palette I can’t seem to get enough of!


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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