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LORAC PRO Palette 1, 2, 3 & 4 Comparison <3

In my five years of blogging if there is one thing I’ve learned to be true, it’s that LORAC has one of the absolute best eyeshadow formulas you can find.. anywhere. Owning the original LORAC PRO Palette and the PRO Palette 2 & 3, naturally I was compelled to try out their newest addition, the PRO Palette 4, and certainly I wasn’t disappointed.


Each palette includes 8 matte shades (top rows) and 8 shimmer shades (bottom rows) and comes with a travel sized Behind the Scenes Primer that extends the wear time of the shadows. The pans contain about .05 ounces of product and the palettes are really slim, lightweight and ideal for travel. All of Lorac shadows are really long lasting, extremely pigmented and buttery smooth.



::: PRO Palette ::: There is something so special about the first PRO palette. This + the Urban Decay Naked palette are really what started it all. While each of the subsequent palettes all contain a specific color theme, the original PRO palette contains a little bit of everything. The majority of the shades run mostly neutral in undertone making them wearable for pretty much everyone. After years of use, I still find myself reaching for this and it has served me extraordinarily well. It’s a staple palette that is ideal for beginners and MUA’s alike.



::: PRO Palette 2 ::: This is the only palette I’ve ever hit pan on.. ever (this is my second one!). I used this every single day for probably a year straight and never got bored of it. Which to me is a pretty good indicator of a well-loved product. Also proof that I’ve always been drawn to cool-toned eyeshadows which we don’t see nearly enough of these days. I also feel like you can get more dramatic looks with Pro 2 thanks to the matte shades like Charcoal, Plum & Navy, and shimmers in Jade & Cocoa Brown. An oldie but goodie that still stands out among a sea of majority warm-toned palettes.



::: Pro Palette 3 ::: A neutral lovers dream. We all need at least one solid, go-to neutral eyeshadow palette in our makeup arsenal, and this one just happens to be mine. The color range in the palette has a good variety of pale and deep shades to keep things balanced. Although there are a few shades that lean cool, it for sure gives me more warm nude vibes overall. Even on days I reach for more colorful eyeshadows, I still find myself using this for transition/crease shades like Canvas, Cool Taupe and Terracotta to set the stage. My biggest complaint with this would be that the shade Medallion performs worse than any other LORAC shade I’ve used, I’ve tried using a wet brush, my fingertips and just can’t get this shade to work for me. Other than that, they’re all consistent throughout.



::: Pro Palette 4 ::: While I love each of the PRO palettes in their own way, this one trumps them all. The warm mauve/rosy tones are very “soft glam” esque and are SO stunning and this is my absolute favorite color story they’ve created thus far. With the exact same layout as it’s predecessors, it contains equal amount of matte and shimmers and in my opinion, are all the right ones. I love the amount of options in neutral crease colors this palette has in addition to the prettiest, romantic-toned shimmery lid shades. There isn’t a single shade in this palette that I don’t like and I haven’t put this down since I got it. I 110% recommend this palette to anyone looking for a high quality formula of on-trend colors.



FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


8 thoughts on “LORAC PRO Palette 1, 2, 3 & 4 Comparison <3

  1. I loveee Lorac 1 and have been using it for years! Couldn’t decide getting Lorac 3 or 4, and came across your blog! Thanks so much, i think my heart is set on 4 now!

  2. I enjoyed seeing all of these palettes together! One day I may add another PRO palette to my collection, but for now I’ve been enjoying my LORAC PRO 3 🙂

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