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L’AVANT Collective Cleaning Line

If there is one thing I can count on doing every single day, it’s cleaning. One of the most satisfying things in life is the accomplished feeling you get after deep cleaning your house. For me at least! 😉 I am always in search of the latest & greatest products and recently came across L’AVANT… Continue reading L’AVANT Collective Cleaning Line

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Sheets Laundry Club

This is the last week before we start distance learning with my kids (5 & 8). I’m attempting to stay on top of all of my regular chores and anything else I’ve been wanting to do around the house but have been putting off. One thing I can always count on is a basket full… Continue reading Sheets Laundry Club

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Supernatural Aromatherapeutic Essential Oil All-Natural Cleaning Products

One of my absolute favorite finds lately are these Supernatural cleaning concentrates. I am proudly confessing that I am a total neat-freak to the core and clean different areas of my house every. single. day. Never underestimate the power of a quality cleaning product. It makes a difference. Supernatural was founded & fueled by the… Continue reading Supernatural Aromatherapeutic Essential Oil All-Natural Cleaning Products

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Aether Beauty Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette

It's finally here, and this is not a launch you want to miss out on. Sustainable brand, Aether Beauty just dropped a highly anticipated sequel to their first ever zero-waste eyeshadow palette, the new Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette which is made up of 12 cosmic inspired shades in shimmer and metallic finishes. Founder, Tiila Abbitt… Continue reading Aether Beauty Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette

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Natural Migraine Relief with the Pranamat ECO Therapeutic Massage Mat

I have unfortunately dealt with migraines on a semi-consistent basis for the past 10 years or so. I've went to multiple different doctors, specialists, have had several CT scans, MRI's, allergy tests, only to hear that my migraines were most likely stress related. I was prescribed a few different strong medications but was terrified to… Continue reading Natural Migraine Relief with the Pranamat ECO Therapeutic Massage Mat

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Yoga Clothing Inspiration

So it may seem kind of random to title this "Yoga Clothing Inspiration" or you may be wondering how clothing can inspire me to practice yoga, it's simple.. when I wear the right clothing while exercising and practicing yoga, I'm comfortable, relaxed and motived to work harder & for a longer period of time. I'm… Continue reading Yoga Clothing Inspiration

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Tips For Creating a Spa Day At Home <3

I think we all can agree that life gets kind of crazy/hectic sometimes and it's really important we take a little time to ourselves to relax, calm down and maintain our sanity! Between the lack of money, time, finding a babysitter, etc. sometimes going to a spa for the day isn't always a possibility. Here are… Continue reading Tips For Creating a Spa Day At Home ❤