Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Let’s be honest, moms deserve the absolute best every single day, but they deserve it even more so on Mother’s Day. Materialistic gifts definitely won’t even begin to express your appreciation for your mom, but they’re a start! I’ve gathered up a list of beautiful gifts that are sure to make any mom smile.


[ Malvi Marshmallow Confections ] .:. Husband & wife team make every single flavor in small batches using top quality ingredients with lots of love, these are THE best marshmallows you will ever taste. Heat them up for a few seconds in the microwave to magically transform them into glorified s’mores packed with delicious, bold flavor. http://www.malvimallow.com


[ Norman Love Confections ] .:. The chef & founder was previously an executive pastry chef at The Beverly Hills Hotel and the Ritz Carlton, so he knows a thing or two about the art of chocolate. Norman Love Confections uses the purest ingredients to hand make each piece of artisan chocolate. The unique flavor profiles, textures, aromas and overall presentation can’t be beat. The Mother’s Day gift boxes feature an assortment of chocolate from their signature collection in addition to special edition heart shaped chocolates inspired by mom herself! http://www.normanloveconfections.com


[ CakeLove DC ] .:. Individual single serve cakes topped with cream cheese frosting in a beautifully packaged gift box, what could be better? Each jar contains nothing but fresh ingredients and natural sweeteners all baked from scratch. The gift box comes with a nice variety of flavors from red velvet to carrot cake. My favorite is the Bananas Foster, the flavor is so rich and creamy and it reminds me of one of the best culinary destinations in the entire country, NOLA. Each jar contains the perfect amount of cake to icing ratio and is just enough to get your much needed sugar fix. http://www.cakelove.com


[ Norabloom Organic Lavender Packs ] .:. I mentioned my love for lavender neck pillows/warm packs in a previous post.. I am absolutely obsessed. This is ultimately the gift of relaxation. Filled with organic lavender and rice, heat it up for 1 minute to get the most out of the soothing scent. Great for headaches, backaches or any achy muscles. This + a basket full of bath/spa products would be the most thoughtful, relaxing gift you can give your mom (or wife) this Mother’s Day! http://www.norabloom.com


[ Nectar Bath Treats ] .:. This would pair nicely with the lavender warm pack. Because the job of a mom never truly ends, and many moms often put aside taking care of themselves to better take care of their families, having a spa day to herself may be put off until she finds it convenient. Bring the spa to her with gorgeous, high quality bath products that she will definitely get use of. Nectar uses high quality, natural plant-based oils and butters to create the most moisturizing line of beautiful bath “treats”. One of the sweetest gifts to give mom that contains absolutely NO calories! A few of my favorites: kiwi melon ice cream bar soap, red velvet cupcake soap and peach tart soap. http://www.nectarusa.com


[ Candy Cakes Bath Bakery ] .:. Carefully crafted by a mother & daughter duo in North Carolina, each cupcake bath bomb can be enjoyed totally guilt free! Every cupcake is completely chemical free and made of all natural ingredients to sooth and moisturize skin. Some of their ingredients include, baking soda, witch hazel, coconut butter, Epsom salts and dead sea salts. They even sell really cool Chakra Sprays. They’re great as a body spray, linen spray or room spray. http://www.candycakesco.com


[ Gustus Vitae Spices ] .:. The Italian & French Countryside Collection comes conveniently packaged with a triangular stainless steel plate making these ideal for keeping out for display and easily accessible. This would make a fabulous gift for mom OR can be used to cook her a fancy French or Italian inspired dinner this Mother’s Day. Gustus Vitae is a small family run company who makes all of their spices in small batches with a lot of care. They use all natural ingredients local to California and offer a huge variety that is sure to please. http://www.gustusvitae.com


[ La Vie Rustic ] .:. The perfect artisan, unique gift for any foodie mom. The founder of La Vie Rustic, Georgeanne Brennan is so down to earth and promotes sustainable living by cooking from her own garden and gathering fresh herbs and producing many of La Vie Rustic’s products on her own farm. This is a true taste of simple, artisan French cuisine and will give you some inspiration in the kitchen. The salts come beautifully packaged and will most definitely be used in every dish. http://www.lavierustic.com


[ Hatchery Tasting Box ] .:. If you’re feeling super generous you can sign up and pre-pay for an artisan food subscription box for her to enjoy all year long. Hatchery sends monthly tasting boxes giving you the opportunity to experience new small-batch ingredients and condiments you may never discover on your own. This months box included peanut butter, jalapeño hot sauce, tangy mustard seeds, bombay bliss spices, and a really unique sauce that tastes great on burgers. Each box also contains a recipe card and a little background on each product and several recipe suggestions. Every product contained in each tasting box can be purchased directly on their site. http://www.hatchery.co

jamtransitcity[ JAM Audio Transit City Noise Canceling Headphones ] .:. Well, what mom wouldn’t appreciate these? As a mother of two under the age of 5, these are appreciated when I want to take a few minutes to myself to listen to relaxing music and start to unwind. The noise canceling aspect works just as well as some of it’s competitors for half the price. And they’re wireless making them ideal to wear while exercising, cooking, cleaning, walking.. anything! They also connect to any bluetooth device and have a speakerphone to answer calls directly from your headphones. How convenient? and http://www.jamaudio.com


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