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Jillian Dempsey Lid Tints <3

If you’ve never heard of her, she is the genius makeup artist behind A-list celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet (to name a few) and the wife of Patrick McDreamy Dempsey, the super talented, Jillian Dempsey.


She brought an effortless, laid back approach to the beauty industry by creating her *no-brush required* luxury line of lid tints that use only naturally sourced, organic ingredients. It’s a chic, dewy, modern take on the ever so famous runway makeup style. They are a unique formula of skin-loving ingredients: coconut oil & shea butter and also contain cornstarch to help the color stay crease-free, all day long, even in hot weather. A+.


Lid Tints can be applied with a soft feathery brush or better yet, just a gentle sweeping motion of your fingers. These are totally mistake-proof and offer a sheer tint of color with a smooth, glossy sheen. They make for a great base for powder eyeshadows for added dimension and lasting power or their own for a beautiful soft glow. I like to wear these on their own for a natural, weightless modern look that takes no effort and no time to create. They add just enough color for everyday wear and just give the most beautiful finish. Coming from an eyeshadow addict, these are top notch and are completely different than anything else you will find on the market.


*Swatches under direct sunlight* – Left to right: Smoke, Plum, Bronze, Peach & Lilac



Plum .:. Deep purple with a cool mauve undertone. This is probably my #1 choice.


Bronze .:. A neutral, deep bronze with a hint of shimmer. This is probably the most universally flattering shade, I can’t think of anyone this wouldn’t compliment.


Peach .:. Peach is such an under talked about eye shadow color. It adds a bright splash of color and is really flattering with every eye color and every skin tone.


Lilac .:. A light beige/pink that adds just enough “barely there” pretty color.


Smoke .:. The deepest, most pigmented shade offered. It shows up as a cool, edgy charcoal that still holds true to the sheer consistency.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.


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