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PUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Holiday 2017 Collection <3

Whether you’re looking to gift this to someone or keep it for yourself, PUR has released a beautiful holiday collection packed with everything you could possibly want AND need to slay this season!


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Quick Pro Holiday Glitters 5-Piece Eye Polish Kit :: $39 .:. The showstopper of the collection! These are hands down my favorite of the 10 items offered in their holiday collection. They’re richly pigmented, apply effortlessly and last for hours. I’m picky when it comes to glitter eyeshadows – more often than not they have a lot of fallout and aren’t very pigmented. Total opposite of these. They’re formulated with a built-in primer and double as an eyeshadow base or glittery top coat. The applicator makes these a breeze to apply and I prefer to gently dab my finger to blend them out. Namaslay (rose gold) is my favorite but they’re all so stunning!


Quick Pro Holiday Holographic Hydrating Sheet Mask Set :: $36 .:. I love a good sheet mask. It’s a fun way to pamper your skin whether it be before applying makeup or at the end of the night when taking it all off. These foil sheet masks come in a pack of 6 and help hydrate, refresh and soothe skin with the key ingredients of aloe, vitamins E, B & C, and peptides.



Quick Pro Holiday Portables Night Fantasy On-The-Go Lipstick & Eyeshadow Palette Pair :: $14 .:. I have to admit, I didn’t think these would be the same quality as their larger palettes. Don’t ask why, I guess the TINY size and super affordable price swayed me into thinking they’d just be… blah. I can honestly say I’m impressed. They’re the size of a credit card, they’re adorable, and are PERFECT for throwing in your makeup bag and using them on the go. The eyeshadow shade range reminds me of the infamous ABH Modern Renaissance palette and the colors are on trend. And, despite their size, it has every color you need to create a full look!


Quick Pro Holiday Portables Sculpt & Glow On-The-Go Contour and Highlight Palette Pair :: $14 .:. Sticking with the portability theme, they also have these really cute highlight & contour palettes. I prefer the larger highlighter palette from this collection, but this one is still really nice and gets the job done. As far as the contour palette goes, it’s light and subtle, but that is exactly what I prefer. I rarely contour, I find it makes my makeup look weird and sort of “muddy” depending on the product/color I use. This one applies so softly and adds just a touch of color without adding any harshness.


Quick Pro Holiday Eyes 4-Piece Dual-Ended Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Kit :: $28 .:. Super creamy and blendable and perfect if you don’t have the time to pull a whole eyeshadow look together but still want to add a pop of color. It’s a dual ended 2-in-1 product that contains both eyeshadow and an eyeliner. Throw these in your bag for touch ups throughout the day that take no time and no effort at all!


Quick Pro Holiday Fully Charged Mascara & Lash Primer Kit :: $18 .:. I’m not a huge fan of lash primers, I think they’re an added step and unnecessary unless you have very thin/sparse lashes. However – the actual mascara is amazing. I’m not a mascara snob (I’ll use pretty much anything) until I find one I hate, which is what I was using just before finding this. So this was a fabulous swap! It adds fullness & length and doesn’t clump up, flake off or irritate my sensitive eyes.



Quick Pro Holiday Highlight Palette :: $32 .:. Even if you apply highlighter all over.. every day, you will never get through this palette – the pan sizes are huge. And whether you’re looking for a subtle lit-from-within glow or a going for the full blown disco-ball effect, this palette will get you there. 😉 It’s a really smooth formula that doesn’t accentuate texture or pores and the color range is one of the best I’ve seen in a 6-pan palette. My favorite shade is Starbright (champagne) it adds a subtle luminosity and looks good even on days I’m not trying to look “glammed up”.


PÜR PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette :: $42 .:. I’ve had this for 2 months now, and it has become my favorite eyeshadow palette out of every one that I own which speaks volumes because my collection is slightly out of control! It contains every shade you could want or need to create a ton of different looks from day to night. Etienne Ortega is an LA based celeb makeup artist with high profile clientele such as the Kardashians, the Jenners, Christina Aguilera and Kate Beckinsale just to name a few. The quality is there, it contains a huge variety and this palette just inspires me to create something beautiful every single time I use it.

What are your favorites from the PUR Holiday collection!?


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.



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