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Iris & Romeo Best Skin Days – “No Makeup” Makeup

Before I started working from home I used to wear a full face of makeup, these days I’ve scaled back a lot to less products but all the right ones. While I wish I could embrace a bare face, I will always enjoy wearing makeup, I just don’t feel the need for a full coverage foundation anymore. Sheer to medium coverage is my preference, so I was excited to see Iris & Romeo’s first launch; Best Skin Days – a tinted moisturizer/serum that contains sunscreen and blue light/pollution protection.

The shade range is small (6 shades in total), but this is the type of product that somehow just seamlessly blends in, even if it doesn’t appear to be a perfect match. It’s incredibly hydrating and leaves behind a natural glow without looking oily in the least. It is for sure a must for “no makeup – makeup days”. Days when you want slight coverage that will even out your skin but do not want to wear foundation. This is it.

This clean formula contains active ingredients such as: Bulgarian rose extract, green tea, rosa demascena flower water and moringa oil. Packed with vitamin C, omega-9, and hyaluronic acid this product is the epitome of skincare meets makeup.

My favorite way to apply this is with my fingertips, smoothed in as if it were a moisturizer (because technically it is!) Then I follow up with my Kosas Revealer Concealer under my eyes and spot conceal where needed and finish up with a lightweight setting powder to lock it it place. It’s so easy and comfortable to wear every single day, even if you’re just at home!

Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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