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ĀTHR Beauty Desert Sunset Palette

My go-to palette for the entire month of January – the new ĀTHR Beauty Desert Sunset Palette! This color story has me longing for summer days and warmer weather! It’s such a good balance of neutral with just a hint of color for added interest.

ĀTHR Beauty is my favorite brand when it comes to eyeshadow. ALL of their products are fully-recyclable, formulated with only fair-trade and organic ingredients, and are vegan & cruelty free. Sustainability & clean ingredients are important to me, and ĀTHR is at the forefront in creating the best, highest quality products sourced with the safest ingredients.


Sunrise: Bronze to gold duo-chrome shimmer
Afterglow: Copper to brown duo-chrome shimmer
Desert Sand: Sand matte
Golden Hour: Antique gold metallic
Mesquite: Dark brown matte
Sedona: Dark sienna brown matte
Sunset: Coral to gold duo-chrome shimmer
Desert Coral: Coral pink matte
Eternal: Golden bronze metallic
Twilight: Peach golden metallic

The formula is SO, so good and exactly what we’ve come to know and expect from the brand. Pigmented, blendable and long-lasting. If you’ve never swapped out a traditional beauty brand to a cleaner more sustainable alternative, I highly, highly recommend starting with ĀTHR.


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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