Creating a Meditation Space + Relaxation Ideas


Paying bills, running a household, working, raising kids, a little “down time” is totally necessary. I’ve created a meditation space as a place and reminder to practice stillness & silence while seeking inner calm & clarity. Wherever you decide to create your meditation space, select items that are meaningful to YOU. It may sound crazy, but taking the time to relax, isn’t always easy or convenient. Most days there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and still find the time to just be. Sometimes life gets in the way and we make excuses for things, relaxing and taking some much needed time to yourself should not be one of them! I am a huge believer in Feng Shui and the influence our surroundings have on us, so my meditation space contains one thing for each of the five senses (except touch). When there is harmony in the five senses meditation and mindfulness will be easily achieved. My home is full of energy and activity so I created my meditation space outside in my gazebo to surround myself by calmness & nature. I hope this inspires you to relax, calm down and live here and now in the present moment. ♥


{ Chattra // Plum Jali Zabuton Meditation Cushion } This is obviously the most important part of my meditation space, to sit on and relax. “Geometric floral designs were used on the ceilings and walls and in the marble lattice jali screens of the old palaces and forts of Rajasthan. A jali was an essential architectural element filtering sun, casting lovely patterned shadows, and creating privacy.” The durable cotton cover was hand-crafted in India and removes easily for cleaning. The picture doesn’t even do this cushion justice, it’s beautiful. I love the pattern, the size and how comfortable it is. Silence + comfort, the two most important aspects of meditation for me! You can use it along with a Zafu, or just by itself, like I do. I don’t leave this outside, I only bring it out when meditating so the fabric doesn’t get ruined.


Sound{ Woodstock Chimes // Capiz Solar Chime – White Diamonds } Hand strung & hand dyed, the capiz windchimes are made by Balinese artisans using natural, renewable materials. It provides luminous color when the sun shines through it and the solar panel allows it to remain lit for up to 8 hours during the evening. This is probably my favorite addition to my gazebo even for when I’m not using it as a meditation space. It provides a delicate, relaxing sound that isn’t too loud and is so pretty to look at!


Smell ∴ { Root Candles // Seeking Balance Candles } I love love love to light candles. With a 3-year-old running around the house, I don’t ever get the chance to do so during the day, so when I finally do get to use them during my “me time” it makes it even more special. Their Seeking Balance line combines the science of aromatherapy and color therapy to help relieve stress. I have three different scents, meditate (vetyver & olibanum), relax (geranium lavender) and seduce (patchouli & anise). My favorite: Relax, it provides a calm, relaxing enviornment. I love all three and love the sense of calm that comes over me while using them! Each will burn up to 65 hours aka, last you a VERY long time!


Taste{ Bellocq // No. 39 Hindu Holiday & Herbal Blends Collection } Organic, fair trade South African rooibos caffeine-free chai. I am in love. I’ve been addicted to tea ever since having my 2nd baby three months ago. I drink it every single night, it helps me unwind and relax and all of my daily stresses just seem to fade away. This blend is a combination of organic ginger, cassia, cardamom, flower petals and natural essences. It’s warm, soothing and I am addicted! The Herbal Blends Collection is beautifully packaged in their yellow Bellocq box containing 25 filter bags. I love that this collection gives you the opportunity to try a few different blends. My favorite: No. 48 Pic du Midi, warm & uplifting with notes of ginger, mint and black currant. I am a tea addict and I LOVE Bellocq. Their selections are the result of rigorous sourcing and lengthy tastings. Pure luxury.


Sight{ Picture of Fort Lauderdale, Florida } Select anything that inspires YOU. Probably the most common thing people use for this is a statue of a symbol, image or saint. I, however chose a picture I took years ago while on vacation to one of my favorite places, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a child I visited south Florida at least once a year to visit my grandparents and have so many wonderful memories there that I will cherish forever. Looking at this picture just puts me in a positive mood & happy place.

Sometimes I extend my down time a little longer by taking a hot bath. I light a candle or two, use my favorite bath oil, favorite body scrub… I instantly relax. I usually only get to do this once or twice a week, so I savor every single moment that I get to myself! Below are the products I am currently using, and loving!


{ Temple Spa // Quietude & Drift Away } Quietude isn’t new to my blog, I mentioned it in my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, and as you can see, I use it a lot. It’s basically a body and room fragrance that instantly induces a feeling of calm & peace. I spray it on my bed every single night before I go to sleep, on my Zabuton before meditating, I use it constantly! Drift Away is a massage oil & body oil all in one AND it can be added to bath water to turn it luxuriously milky and soft. I use it right after I get out of the bath for a calming aromatherapy massage. These products are both great to help you wind down and induce sleep, which is always welcome here!

{ REN // Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil } Moroccan Rose Otto Oil nourishes skin and leaves a subtle scent of roses. Rose Oil’s scent is known for it’s stress relieving and soothing properties. Only a small cap-full amount is needed per bath, so this product will go a very long way and last a while even if you use it a few times a week. It is such an indulgence and makes taking a bath at home feel like you’re at an upscale spa. The scent is beautiful, leaves no greasy film, leaves your skin smooth and moisturized, definitely a must-have for bath nights!

{ FarmHouse Fresh // Sweet Cream Fine Grain Salt Scrub } Okay, lets start off by saying this made Oprah’s “the O list” which immediately speaks volumes for this product. Oprah seeks out and receives MANY products and only adds the best of the best, this being one. I love using bath scrubs, so much more luxurious than just regular soap/body wash. This one is a warm, buttery, sweet cream scent + silky rice bran oil and combined with the finest of salt grains to to give you the softest, smoothest skin ever. Lightweight, non-greasy and worth all the rage. I highly recommend this product along with any other FarmHouse Fresh body scrubs, very high quality and they smell amazing!

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  1. I loved this post! It was insightful to hear about your meditation process 🙂 I’m really intrigued by meditation and I always wonder what people think about when meditating, also do you practise Buddhism or are you just pro the meditation aspect? :’)

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