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Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes VS. White Peach


The beauty community went absolutely crazy over the Too Faced Peaches & Cream collection. From the incredibly long wearing Peach Perfect Foundation, to the richly pigmented Peach Kiss lipsticks, the sweetly scented cream to powder Peach My Cheeks Blushes, the lattice designed Sweetie Pie Bronzer, and the star of the whole collection – the Just Peachy Mattes palette. I am obsessed with all of the above and the only thing that could make this range better than it already is, would be to add more!



Just Peachy Mattes Palette// $45 ::: One of the biggest palette hits of 2017! This is my only all-matte, warmed toned palette and is something I reach for quite regularly. All matte palettes are underrated and I think we need to see more of them! I am an eyeshadow palette junkie and have had upwards of 70+ palettes and can honestly say this makes it to my top 5. It’s infused with peach & sweet fig cream and the scent is oh so heavenly (why can’t all makeup smell this good?!!). It has a beautiful array of matte peachy, cream and brown colors. The formula is buttery smooth, blendable and so easy to work with. Whether you’re looking for a really good all-matte palette or something to pair with more flashy shimmery eyeshadows this is a must. Mattes balance any metallics you pair them with and this color scheme is great for a toned-down work day or a more intense makeup look for a night out! Standout shades: Peach Punch & Peach Sangria.



White Peach Palette // $45 ::: A cooler-toned everyday neutral palette. I love that out of everything Too Faced could have chosen to add to the Peaches and Cream collection, they chose another palette. Neutral colors, and simple makeup is something that will NEVER go out of style and I think they nailed it with this. It’s got such beautiful taupe, nude and beige shades suitable for a variety of skin tones, but just enough shimmer shades to add a pop of color and keep things interesting. The formula is pretty much the same to the Just Peachy Mattes as well as the scent, which I love. There is a little bit of a powdery kick back when using these but nothing unmanageable or worth passing over this for. I actually prefer more powdery shadows, I hate when I have to dig my brush into a product to notice any payoff at all. The only shade I’m not crazy about is Peach Ice. It’s a little bit chunkier and has tons of fallout unless applied wet or with a glitter glue. While initially looking at this palette I thought it would work best for an office environment, or “no makeup” makeup days. However, the shades On The Grill and Peach Passion easily transform a look from day to night. Standout shades: Creme De La Peach, Glistening Peach & Peach Passion.


As you can tell, I truly love both palettes from the Peaches and Cream collection, but if I HAD to pick a favorite, it would be the Just Peachy Mattes. It offers a bigger variety of shades and seems like it would suit a wider range of skin tones and in my opinion is a staple in my eyeshadow collection and something I reach for not only on days I want warm-peachy goodness all over my lids but even on days when I don’t have the time to spend on doing my makeup and I just want a neutral wash of color. Whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong either way. //


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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