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Buxom Cosmetics Customizable Eyeshadow Bar

Buxom Cosmetics offers one of my favorite concepts in makeup; a customizable eyeshadow palette! With a variety of 40 primer infused eyeshadows, it’s so easy to create your perfect palette, without any extra colors that will go unused.


Each palette holds 6 colors, and in addition to the extensive shade range, they offer matte, shimmer and duo-chrome finishes. Although Buxom isn’t the only company to offer such solution to meet our personalized needs, they offer it in a cohesive, visually appealing way. As much as I love my huge magnetic palette with 30+ eyeshadows randomly scattered throughout, I never reach for it. Looking at that many shades at once can be a tad overwhelming especially when there is no defined color story or cohesiveness.


I’m so ready to start seeing more cool-toned palettes this year. From the very beginning I was always drawn to cool taupes & nudes (Lorac Pro 2 and UD Naked 2 were my OG palettes). So when choosing colors from the Buxom eyeshadow bar, I had one specific thing in mind. I wanted to create a cool-toned neutral palette that I can wear every single day. I know my palette is far from bold & exciting but I already have a lot of those in my makeup collection, I wanted a basic staple palette and thats exactly what I got. I needed several good matte crease/transition shades, Designer or Die & Famous Flirt (I can’t do my eyeshadow without a good matte base shade), a few shimmery pops of pops of color (Bold Bling, Champagne Buzz and Patent Leather) and one shade thats slightly deeper to add depth, Jetsetter.


The shades I chose (left to right): Patent Leather, Jetsetter, Designer or Die, Famous Flirt, Champagne Buzz and Bold Bling.

I had a lot of fun creating my palette and think this is a fabulous idea if you travel a lot (no more packing multiple heavy palettes) or are looking for a specific shade range that doesn’t currently exist on the market! Xo.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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