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LORAC Unzipped Mountain Sunset, Desert Sunset & Ocean Sunset Palette Comparison

For years LORAC has remained one of my favorite brands when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. I love their incredibly pigmented formula, how easy it is to work with and that they’re not a brand who constantly pumps out a sub-par new palette every other week. You can tell they put time & effort into each release and focus on quality.



::: Ocean Sunset ::: My favorite of the three and the one I find to be the most unique. This gives me total pastel vibes, but doesn’t perform like a typical sheer/subtle pastel usually does. The colors are super pigmented (I mean – does LORAC ever fail in this area?! NOPE!), very easy to blend and don’t require much product or building to get good color payoff. Despite having a ridiculous amount of palettes, I always tend to reach for the same 5 or so and this has been one of them. Every single look I’ve created has came out really really pretty. I always tend to use 3-4 shades when creating any eye look, a transition/crease color, a darker shade to deepen the outer corner and a shimmer shade all over the lid and sometimes I lighter shade to highlight. With this, I can go in with more color and not have to worry about it starting to look “muddy” or not blend well, every shade works well together. I’m not even going to attempt to narrow down my favorite shades because this is a palette I use & love every single color.



::: Mountain Sunset ::: To sum this palette up, I’d say it’s a more modern take on a traditional smokey eye palette. This will easily give you a really sultry, deep smokey eye but isn’t just another boring color story of various hues of gray and blues. Although it lacks mattes, there are several beautiful shimmer shades that look stunning applied all over the lids, Ametrine being my personal favorite. In addition to being drawn to cool-tones, I LOVE a good purple eyeshadow when done right, and this one totally is. If you’re looking for a smokey “date night” type of palette but can’t find any that appeal to you, this one is worth checking out.



::: Dessert Sunset ::: Out of the three, this one contains the most popular color selection we see in a lot of palettes; warm berry tones with a pop or two of gold. What I found the most unique about this palette was the really bright, bold purple shade, Medallion. I’m always immediately drawn to purple tones, I can’t help it! If you’re looking at that shade and thinking “WOAH, too bold”, rest assured it applies much softer and lighter BUT you can intensify the color easily by using a damp brush or my preferred way, applying it directly with your fingertip. I also love wearing deeper berry toned shades like Sunset & Sunrise during the fall months. I can see this palette getting a ton of use these next few months!


I truly love all three palettes, but Ocean Sunset is my favorite – however no matter which LORAC palette you choose, you can’t go wrong! Xo.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.




2 thoughts on “LORAC Unzipped Mountain Sunset, Desert Sunset & Ocean Sunset Palette Comparison

  1. WOW – You take such beautiful pictures. I have the Mountain Sunset palette and it is lovely! This post makes we want to take it out and use it more now!

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