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Smashbox + The Hoodwitch Crystalized Collection

Smashbox Spring Crystalized Collection is in collaboration with crystal expert and founder of The Hoodwitch, Bri Luna and was created to celebrate beauty rituals inspired by the transformative quality of crystals. This uniquely beautiful collection is crystal infused and crystal charged to enhance your beauty & your magic!


The full collection includes: the Cover Shot Crystalized Eye Shadow Palette, Crystalized Highlighter, Photo Finish Crystalized Primerizer, Crystalized Shimmer Drops, Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water in 3 scents, Crystalized Always On Liquid Eye Shadow in 6 shades and the Crystalized Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss in 3 shades.


I’ve mentioned the Cover Shot palettes on my blog multiple times. I love the formula, compact size and the variety of color stories they offer. It contains a curated mix of 8 crystal-inspired shades with matte, metallic & foil finishes. The packaging alone is stunning and the palette includes a beautiful range of shades from smoky quartz & jasper matte to rose quartz & garnet. The Cover Shot formula is SO easy to work with, not too powdery, not too stiff or hard to pick up.. it’s pretty much fool-proof. The shades Sage My Name and You’re Grounded work well as base & transition shades but do require building up while Mystic Opportunity and Hex Appeal are so metallic and vibrant and are definitely the standout shades in this palette.



Heart Healer ::: champagne metallic with pink pearl inspired by rose quartz
Sage My Name :::  ivory matte inspired by white jasper
Inner G ::: deep wine matte inspired by bloodstone
Light Twerker ::: coral metallic with pink pearl inspired by spirit quartz
All the Heals ::: deep garnet metallic inspired by garnet
Mystic Opportunity ::: cool green gold metallic inspired by pyrite
You’re Grounded ::: warm grey matte inspired by smoky quartz
Hex Appeal ::: gunmetal foil inspired by hematite


This gel-powder highlighter’s warm peach iridescent shade is inspired by spirit quartz. Although it’s not the most blinding out of this world glowing highlight, it has a very blendable and buildable formula that won’t accentuate texture. I am super basic when it comes to highlighters – I just like a really subtle healthy looking glow. This has a pink-shift finish, but it’s totally wearable and blends so easily into the skin with zero effort.


I also didn’t realize what I was missing out on all this time with their Primer Waters. These are GOOD. They’re infused with fragrance inspired by rose quartz, amethyst & black tourmaline. I am so lazy when it comes to using a makeup primer, I usually just opt for a good moisturizer and skip the primer all together. A spritz of this before makeup to hydrate and and spritz or two after to refresh adds a non-oily radiance and smooth, soft  finish to the skin.


Last but not least, the Crystalized Always On Liquid Eyes Shadows. Liquid eyeshadows were my go-to for a long time when I was working in an office and needed something quick, easy and portable. These take like 10 seconds to apply and add a sheer (to medium) wash of color. In the four shades that I tried, I found that the Bronze Bruda offered the best color payoff with and the other 3 shades were more sheer and required more swipes to build up. While I don’t find cream eyeshadows to last as long as powder, I didn’t notice any creasing until about 5 or so hours after applying them. They also apply great on top of powder shadows for a mystical pop of color.


Bronzite Bruja ::: soft brown with warm pearl inspired by bronzite
Dream Prism ::: lilac with purple & gold pearl inspired by aura amethyst
1-Rhodonite Stand ::: mauve with multi-color pearl inspired by rhodonite
Mindful AF ::: blue with multi-color pearl inspired by lapiz lazuli

This is a solid launch, magical collection and definitely worth checking out! Also something worth noting – everything is formulated without Parabens, phthalates, triclosan & triclocarban, sulfates, mineral oil & formaldehydes.


Disclaimer ::: As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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