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Snickerdoodle Iced Coffee Recipe

While I love picking up a good cup of coffee each morning, it's so much more affordable and consistent in quality to make it at home yourself. I've attempted on many occasions to cut the calories and just drink my coffee black, and that just isn't happening anytime soon over here! I've been playing around… Continue reading Snickerdoodle Iced Coffee Recipe

coffee review

Nespresso’s New Aged to Perfection Vintage Coffee

We've all heard of aged wine, cheese, meat, and liquor, but aged coffee?! Nespresso recently launched a new aged to perfection, Selection Vintage 2014 coffee. Like wine, coffee can also be expertly aged for a unique result that is rich, smooth and deliciously bold. They source Arabica coffee beans from high altitudes in the Colombian… Continue reading Nespresso’s New Aged to Perfection Vintage Coffee

coffee review

Nespresso VertuoLine + 2 Coffee Recipes

Nespresso has delivered breakthrough coffee technology for decades and the VertuoLine machine is definitely no exception. I've used everything from a Gaggia espresso machine, a Keurig single serve brewer to a french press, and this is ¬†BY FAR the best, most versatile, easiest to use machine on the market. They have a huge variety of… Continue reading Nespresso VertuoLine + 2 Coffee Recipes