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Beat the Summer Heat With Votre Vu Les Sorbet Frozen Serum

If you live in South then you already know that it has been blazing hot this summer. It’s that unforgiving heat that makes you start sweating the moment you step foot outside and from sun up to sun down. Although we only have a few weeks left to enjoy this beautiful summer weather, I still jump on any opportunity to cool down. My favorite way to do so this summer has been with this super refreshing Votre Vu Les Sorbet frozen facial serum. You read that right, an ice. cold. facial.


You’re probably wondering what the heck it is and why not just use good ‘ol ice cubes?! This is like a magical push-pop infused with collagen, marine elastin, muscle relaxing vegetable peptides that boost skins circulation, protects skin from free radicals, stimulates facial muscles, tightens, tones and revitalizes complexion.

It’s fabulous in the morning to reduce puffiness, dark circles and wake up tired skin. I also enjoy gliding it all over my face at the end of the night as the last step in my skincare routine to reap the benefits of this multitasking formula all night long and to help heal and regenerate my skin. This serum feels rich & luxurious and is more than welcome on these 90 degree days.


Besides the fact that the ingredients are non-toxic, Les Sorbet is stored in the freezer so the cooling effect & results are noticed immediately. Use it morning, noon or night, either way this refreshing serum will be your best kept secret this summer!


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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