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Edible Gift Ideas


.:. Eleni’s Snow Day Gift Set .:. Eleni’s makes the most beautiful, intricate “conversation cookies” that you won’t find anywhere else. All of their cookies are handmade & hand iced, one cookie at a time. I love all of their collections but my favorite is the snow day gift set. It’s really affordable and it’s a great gift for anyone no matter what holiday they celebrate. If you’re ever in the NYC area, go to the Chelsea Market and stop by Eleni’s, they have a huge selection of cookies for any occasion you can think of! I am obsessed!


.:. Fat Witch Bakery .:. Also located at the Chelsea Market is the iconic Fat Witch Bakery. The Chelsea Market really is your one stop shop for it all! Fat Witch makes THE BEST brownies you will ever have in your entire life, they are addicting. My absolute favorite flavor is the “snow witch”, a super dense, rich batter of white chocolate and sugary amazingness! They also sell cute mugs, cookbooks containing their signature recipes and assorted brownie gift sets – this gift will be loved by all!


.:. The Curious Cookie Co .:. I love giving homemade gifts for Christmas. I think it just seems more personal and shows you put time and thought into it. However, this year has been kind of hectic and I just haven’t had the time to bake/personalize any gifts. Luckily, the Curious Cookie Co will do all the hard work for you. They offer a unique variety of handmade jarred cookie mixes that may not be homemade by you, but they aren’t something you will find in stores. The Petite jars make 1-2 dozen cookies each, so don’t let their small size fool you.


.:. Edoughble Cookie Dough .:. If you want to skip the homemade cookie idea all together, you can give someone the gift of Edoughble. It’s eggless edible cookie dough and it is just as you’d expect, worth every calorie. They sell a gift box including 5 varieties of flavors. My favorite is the “snicker-dude”. Just the right amount of sweet cinnamon & sugar. These little cups are deceiving, they look tiny but are just the right size and are sure to satisfy your sugar crazing.


.:. Xocolatti Holiday Truffle Box .:. I’ve mentioned before that chocolate is my #1 go to gift for everyone. My latest chocolate find is from Xocolatti in NYC, which was also included on Oprah’s list of favorite things for 2015. They use high quality ingredients sourced from around the world to create unique flavors and distinctive textures. This box of luxury truffles are sure to please the lucky recipient and take them on a tasteful journey of chocolate. I’m not going to even bother narrowing down my favorite flavor, I LOVED THEM ALL!


.:. Bon Vivant Cakes .:. If I had to choose a favorite from this entire list, this would be it. These petit cakes taste just as amazing as they look! The pastry chef Maya trained at Le Cordon Bleu and offers cakes that stay true to the traditional French patisserie craftsmanship. Some of the unique flavors included: rose petal, lemon zest, orange blossom, lavender bloom and bourbon vanilla. They top each cake with almond marzipan and dip them in a smooth liqueur-laced sugar icing that is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. The uniqueness, time & detail put into each miniature cake and the presentation make this the most impressive edible gift you could give.


.:. Art of Tea .:. The assorted pyramid teabag gift box is the best gift for someone who loves tea. It comes beautifully packaged and includes 6 sachets of 8 of their most popular teas including, white coconut crème, velvet, Egyptian chamomile and French lemon ginger. This is the “drinkable” gift of relaxation and perfect to pair with a good book or movie. Art of Tea offers tons of gift ideas at all different price points and quality teaware making this your go-to for all of your tea needs.


I love gifting coffee. It’s something that most adults require on a daily basis to function and will be appreciated. The stuff you buy in the stores tastes nothing like ordering coffee from a small batch local roaster. The quality can’t be beat and the unique flavors and tastes prove that.


.:. Bow Truss Coffee Roasters .:. Located in Chicago, they offer coffee brewing classes, subscription gift boxes and a complex variety of blends. My favorite is the Hearth Blend which is part of their seasonal offerings, it’s full bodied and contains hints of chocolate, cherry, nutmeg & clove, giving this a layer complex taste that is sure to please on a cold winter day.


.:. Passion House Coffee Roasters .:. Passion House spends hours testing ratios and techniques to ensure the perfect blend every single roast. They encourage you to experiment and think outside the box with unique flavor offerings. They offer anything but the average boring blend. My favorite: PH Balance, brown sugar, caramel and dark chocolate.


.:. Barrington Coffee Roasting Company .:. Located in and around my favorite city in the entire world, Boston! Barrington Coffee offers cupping classes for both beginners and coffee experts alike. They roast and ship their farm direct coffees the same day its ordered to ensure they freshest product possible.

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