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Foodie Holiday Gift Guide 2016

My favorite gifts for foodies & home-cooks! Xo.


Ferguson Crest Fergalicious Wine ⇒ The holiday season is filled with soirées, what better gift to bring than wine?! Ferguson Crest is a Santa Barbara County family-run boutique winery founded by none other than Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson and her dad, Pat Ferguson. Ferguson Crest is a product of a lifelong love of growing & harvesting and truly is a family run business with a whole lot of passion. Their wines are bold in flavor and are sure to impress & make your holiday party reverberate with high-spirited cheers! //

Elenis New York Candy Land Christmas Gift Set ⇒ These are THE most beautiful cookies you will ever find, I guarantee it. I am absolutely obsessed with Eleni’s! Every single cookie they make is handmade, hand iced and made with a lot of detail and a lot of care. This was my favorite offering this year; it contains 25 intricately decorated candy land themed sugar cookies that are sure to please every single person on your list. I cannot recommend Eleni’s enough. Whether it’s for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just because… their cookies are the best gift! //

Loveless Cafe Biscuits & Preserves ⇒ I recently visited the iconic Nashville landmark The Loveless Cafe while visiting Tennessee in October and am beyond glad that I did! In addition to the actual restaurant they have cute little gift shops to occupy you while you wait. And let me just tell you it was over an hour wait, for brunch, but 100% worth it! The Nashville hot chicken was amazing and their homemade biscuits & preserves are out of this world, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Not local to the Nashville area? They have you covered, they ship their biscuits & preserves nationwide. Score. //

Philip Ashley Chocolates Taste of Memphis Collection ⇒ How can anyone resist chocolates as beautiful as these? Chocolates are my #1 go-to gift for anyone on my list! This is the Taste of Memphis Collection, which offers a really unique, delicious variety. A few of the flavors: Memphis BBQ, Sweet Potato, Banana Pudding, Sweet Tea Lemonade, Buttered Popcorn and of course, Smoked Peanut Butter and Banana. Really unique, really artisan and a really good gift! //

Bialetti Brikka Stovetop Espresso Maker ⇒ Completely different from your average coffee/espresso machine. This is super affordable and makes some of the best espresso, right at home. Bialetti is basically a one-stop shop for all things coffee and espresso. The Brikka model regulates a specific amount of pressure to create the perfect amount of crema every brew. Follow the instructions carefully and always use a fine grind and you’re on your way to amazing espresso. //


Bean Box ⇒ Treat your coffee loving friends to freshly roasted artisan coffee from Seattle’s top small-batch local coffee roasters. The gift boxes can be purchased once or as a 3, 6 or monthly subscription plan. Every single box is shipped within 48 hours of roasting and is rich in flavor and freshness. I love trying new coffee blends, it’s a great way to find your new favorite and this box offers some of the best of the best! //

Nespresso Limited Edition Holiday Blends ⇒ My husband LOVES Nespresso. We have several other coffee makers and various other coffee blends and he always chooses Nespresso over anything else. So I always have several grand crus in stock, for the holiday season they released three specialty flavors – Banana Bread, Pumpkin Spice Cake & Gingerbread. Using the Nespresso VertuoLine is the easiest and most convenient machine for a cup of good coffee made within seconds. The pumpkin flavored coffee + a splash of cream & sugar & dash of pumpkin pie spice tastes way better than one you will pick up on your morning coffee run before work. Addicted. //

Villeroy & Boch New Wave Caffé Espresso Set ⇒ To go along with the espresso maker mentioned above, gift someone a trendy espresso cup & saucer set. It includes 2 mugs, 2 saucers and 2 spoons and holds up to 2.75 ounces. These add a special touch to your ordinary cup of espresso and they look so beautiful on your table. Pictures do not do them justice! //

Knork Antique Copper Titanium Flatware Set ⇒ I heard about this from the gift giving queen herself; Oprah! She featured Knork on one of her latest “favorite things” gift guides. This set is hand forged stainless steel and contains a dinner fork, salad fork, table spoon, teaspoon and knife. An entire place setting that adds extra glam and modern style to your table! //

Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Blue Collection ⇒ I am all about a chic black and white kitchen with bold pops of color. Typhoon has such a big selection of kitchen essentials; my favorite is their vintage blue collection. My gift choices this year are their vintage cookie jar & scale. I love the color, the quality and the functionality. My next purchase; the tea, coffee & sugar set. Obsessed! //

Mason Cash Baker Lane Mixing Bowl & Set of 3 Cake Tins ⇒ Possibly the only way to make this gift better would be to fill the cake tins with homemade cookies, cupcakes & pastries. Oh yeah! The entire Mason Cash kitchenware line is so gorgeous but my favorite collection is Baker Lane, the colors are neutral, chic and every piece is so useful and looks so beautiful displayed in your kitchen. Get these for the person who loves to bake; they will get tons and tons of use. //

Sundry Mornings Spices ⇒ Every home needs a good variety of spices. I found Sundry Mornings on one of my favorite artisan foodie websites; Scoutmob. Their spices are handmade in small seasonal batches with local ingredients. Really unique and artisan and something you won’t find on a grocery store shelf. I’ve tried them all but my favorites are: Cajun Seasoning Mix; it brings back memories of my trips to New Orleans and their amazing cuisine, and Morning Spice Seasoning Mix; it’s both savory and sweet and can be added to ANY dish from breakfast to dinner and everything in-between. //

Oaktown Spice Shop Holiday Set ⇒ These are super useful if you’re into baking for the holidays and they also make a really cute affordable gift. This set includes ½ cup jars of pumpkin pie spice and mulling spice and is packed with cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, nutmeg & a ginger root and of course, recipe cards. They offer a nice variety of high quality spices & hand mixed blends and several other gift sets. //

unnamed-1 Wedderspoon Gourmet Gift Set ⇒ I am a tea addict. And what pairs better with a cup of hot tea other than pure natural honey? Wedderspoon sells some of the highest quality, raw, non-GMO New Zealand Manuka honey you can find, and a bunch of other flavors and varieties as well. I’ve used them in tea, for baking and even in a homemade lemon honey face mask. //

Cathy’s Concepts Gold Dot Stemless Wine Glasses ⇒ Personalized items are a great way to show the amount of thought and effort you put into a gift. Cathy’s Concept sells a really big variety of personalized house wear items from mugs, candle holders, cheese boards and signs and my favorite: the gold dot stemless wine glasses. These will get a ton of use and the recipient will think of you every single time they have a glass of wine. Cheers! //

Joseph Joseph LockBlock 6 Piece Knife Block Set ⇒ This is the greatest gift for anyone with little kids. This is one of those products you will get, or give and think, why didn’t I get this sooner?! I have a curious 20 month old son who loves getting into any AND everything in the kitchen. We have any unsafe sharp objects put away, the childproof locks on draws. This is a huge help! It’s a fabulous way to leave your knife set within arm’s reach without having to worry about the wrong little hands getting ahold of them. This knife block is color coded and designed to lock knives away safely and requires adult size hands to operate it. The actual knifes are high quality forged Japanese stainless steel with taper-ground edges and a non-slip grip. It includes all of the essentials: santoku knife, carving knife, bread knife, chef’s knife and paring knife. GREAT gift and will definitely impress! //

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