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Starting My Fitness Journey AGAIN – Stamina Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Annnnd, here I am, yet again, a month and a half into my “healthy lifestyle”. The “start” of my fitness journey. I’ve probably attempted this 18 times since becoming a mom and I always fall off track. The struggle is real guys, it really is! However, I’m making some progress and down 8 lbs, which isn’t a lot at all in the grand scheme of things but I’m trying and it’s better than nothing.

I know I’ve mentioned before that my greatest weight loss has came from a healthier diet (I lost a lot through Weight Watchers years ago), taking my kids for walks & doing various workouts at home. I signed up for a gym years ago, went all of 5 times and then gave up. Getting up super early to go before work didn’t work for me, after work I was always rushing to pick up the kids, after dinner I was tired and before I knew it the day was over. Excuses, I know, but I’m just being honest. I always found investing in a few essential pieces of home-gym equipment has worked best for me. That way I can exercise on my own time which is way more convenient and easier to accomplish with kids.


My latest & most used and loved form of exercise is indoor cycling. I have the Stamina Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike 1310. I am far from a fitness expert or even someone who loves to exercise, but this – it pushes me to my limits and I feel absolutely amazing after each use. The first few times, the max I could do was 3 miles (about 170 calories or so), can you tell how out of shape I was?! Each day I pushed a little harder, even if it meant slowing down a little so I could go further and burn more calories.


With daily continued use I’ve managed to spin 18 miles and burn 1011 calories. I set aside about 30 minutes to an hour each night after my kids go to bed and go into the garage, turn on HGTV or any random movie and just go for it and see how far I can go. This is the third piece of fitness equipment I’ve used from Stamina and my favorite thus far. It’s really basic and simple to use, has 8 levels of resistance to tailor your workout, and it tracks time, speed, rotations per minute, distance and calories burned.


This isn’t a paid ad for Stamina, I’m just excited to have finally found something that works for me and doesn’t bore me within 3 uses. And, if I can go an entire month of exercising daily, anyone can. I plan on sharing my favorite healthy snacks and a general “what I eat in a day” post but figured I’d share my current exercise routine first, which is using this bike and taking a 30 minute walk each morning (weather permitting!) Have any fitness tips? Send them my way – motivation is always welcome here. Xo.


FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

5 thoughts on “Starting My Fitness Journey AGAIN – Stamina Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

  1. Most people start way to fast and expect way too much! They also don’t fall in love with the training and just concerned about how they look. I’m a trainer and I will not take on anyone that has a “New Years Resolution”. They usually get over that feeling in a short while. Thanks so much for sharing the things that are important to you! The Trainer @54

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