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12 Ways to Reduce Stress Without Leaving Home

Ah – stress. Something we all have dealt with at some point or another and something many of us are dealing with on the regular as the uncertainty of life continues to unfold before us. I for one am kicking it up a notch these days when it comes to self-care and making a point to do at the very least one or more of these techniques every single day. While most of these ideas aren’t anything new or revolutionary, hopefully they inspire you to do something good just for you.

1. Take a hot bath – my #1 go to way to unwind and spend time only with myself, a hot bath. I gather up my favorite bath products, skincare & face masks and lock myself in the bathroom for an hour or so. It’s amazing, I feel 100x better after and it checks off the necessary alone time I need at the end of everyday.

2. Read or find a good movie or Netflix series – I really like reading autobiographies, I just finished Jessica Simpson’s Open Book & Linda Thompson’s A Little Thing Called Life. I’ve also revisited The Power of Now, a book my aunt got me when I was in high school. If reading isn’t your thing, finding a new show to binge or a movie to take your mind off of “real life” stuff is a good distraction.

3. Exercise – I struggle in this area constantly, but I am going to push myself to try harder when I am up to it. There are tons of free videos/programs available online. I have a little home gym set up in my garage but I prefer taking walks outside over anything else.

4. Family movie night – this has been our thing a lot lately. Popcorn, snacks & every cozy blanket we own. Quality family time can’t be beat.

5. At-home spa day – this kind of goes hand in hand with my bath nights. Trying new skincare and just making a point to fully take care of my skin has been fun and relaxing.

6. Calling your family – now more than ever it’s important to stay connected, even if that means only by FaceTime or phone calls. Take the time to check in and catch up with your family and friends often, you’ll be glad you did.

7. Listen to a podcast – I’ve grown to love podcasts over the last year and always listen to one when taking my dog for a walk. Some of my personal faves are Mallory Ervin’s Living Fully, she’s so relatable and gives some of the best advice on how to live your best, fullest life. I also enjoy Normal to Nomad, I find Elsa & Barrons nomadic lifestyle so fascinating and envy such a simple existence.

8. Turn off the news – seriously don’t fall down the rabbit hole. Stay informed without reading too into things.

9. Create a routine – try to create some kind of routine or schedule. I’ve worked from home for almost 3 years and staying on a regular schedule helps big time, even more so now that I’m also helping my kids learn at home.

10. Declutter your space/clean – I find this to be one of my go-to things to do when I need to take a break from working, etc. I think so much better when my house isn’t a mess and everything has a place.

11. Go outside – make a point to go outside and get some fresh air if you’re able to even if it’s just for a few minutes in your own backyard.

12. Meditate – this hasn’t always been the easiest thing for me but I’ve found what works best for me is laying on my Amethyst heating mat (mine is the Ereada FIR PEMF Amethyst Mini Mat). I’ve used these types of heating mats for years and find them to be the best way to force myself to lay down, rest and just be. I prefer to use this at the end of the night because the high heat makes me really tired and helps me fall asleep faster. Far Infra-Red heat is amazing for pain relief in addition to helping your body fully relax and Amethyst helps promote healing and emits negative ions to reduce stress. It also is known to promote deep meditation and emotional balance. Its definitely a bit of an investment but one that’s help get me through some of my most stressful days.

Just remember to keep pushing forward and remind yourself that better days are ahead. Stay home (if you can), stay healthy and don’t underestimate the power of self care!

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