Clarisonic Mia Fit Facial Cleansing Device

In addition to the Foreo Luna, I’ve been using my Clarisonic Mia for about 5 years or so now. I was so excited to see they came out with a more compact user friendly device, the Mia Fit. If you don’t use some type of facial cleansing device, you totally should, it is well worth the investment! As someone with oily, blemish-prone skin I can honestly say it cleans your skin much deeper, and makes such a huge, noticeable difference!


A little bit about the Mia Fit – It’s completely waterproof, cleanses skin up to 6 times better than hands alone and is super lightweight. Compared to the previous versions, this model has 2 speed settings; delicate (60 seconds) & power cleanse (80 seconds). I definitely enjoy this design better than my well-loved Mia device. It’s much more comfortable to hold, is more travel friendly and I love the option of choosing the speed. As far as performance, I think it’s basically the same, the speed settings are the biggest upgrade. Another difference between the Clarisonic vs other devices are the amount of brush heads that they sell. It’s easy to customize your device and choose whats best for your skin type.

Brush Heads:

  • Normal – for all skin types
  • Sensitive – for sensitive and troubled skin types
  • Delicate – for very sensitive skin types
  • Radiance – for dull, uneven skin
  • Deep Pore – for oily or blemish prone skin
  • Acne – for acne-prone skin types


I’ve only used the regular and deep pore brush heads, they both do an amazing job at fully cleansing without irritating my skin at all. I like to use the delicate setting first thing in the morning to cleanse my skin and prepare it for makeup, then the power cleanse at night. It completely banishes every trace of makeup and leaves my skin feeling incredibly refreshed. Between using this + consistency in my routine, I have noticed a huge difference. Way less breakouts and smoother, healthier looking skin! //



FYI ** As always, my reviews are not paid and are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

2 thoughts on “Clarisonic Mia Fit Facial Cleansing Device

  1. Lovely blog! You have such nice pictures! I also have the Clarisonic Mia… I’d like to invest in a Luna though, because you don’t have to repurchase brush heads… xoxo Sarah

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